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We show you how to build a stunning pitch deck for your business.


Why you should have a product slide?

The product slide is very similar to the solution slide of your pitch deck. In most cases, you should combine these two slides or choose just one to prevent duplicate content.

Use this slide to describe your product or service in detail. You can add screenshots, mockups, videos, and the essential features of your product.

Everything you have to explain about your product is helpful and demonstrates that your idea is viable and competitive. Our tip is to think about three questions when you build your product slide.

  1. How does your product work?
  2. How does your product look?
  3. How does your product feel?

If you answer all these questions with your product slide in an attractive way, the investor will be curious to learn more about it.

Side Note:
The product slide can be particularly helpful if you don't have a prototype yet to show the investors. In this case, you can use mockup- or device screens to give them a feel of how the product will work.

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How you can build a killerproduct slide

Content of the slide

  • Mockups / App Screens
  • Features of your product
  • How it works flow charts
Content of the pitch deck slide
Questions to answer with your pitch deck

Questions your slide answers

  • How does the product work?
  • How does the product feel?
  • How does the product look?

Common Slide Mistakes

  • Repeating information from the solution slide
  • Using the slide to fill your deck
Common Mistakes in Pitch Deck Slides
How to design a nice pitch deck slide

Slide design

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple

Product slide examples of AirBnB, BaseTemplates & Uber

The best product slide display the product itself and give additional information. This could be the right time to present your USP (Unique Selling Point) to your potential investors.

If possible, write a concise one-sentence statement that describes your product or your service. This will indicate that potential customers are going to quickly understand what your product is about.

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