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September 18, 2023

Spotting opportunities in a cultural moment

Read the inspiring story of Nibi's entrepreneurial journey from New York City to Nigeria, where she founded Kinky Apothecary, a company empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty. Discover how she validated her idea, took a leap of faith, and scaled her business across borders. A heartwarming tale of self-confidence, impact, and nurturing the next generation's love for natural hair.
Nibi Lawson
Founder and Chief Hair Obsessive at Kinky Apothecary
September 11, 2023

Turning user interviews into customers

In this Founder Story Jakob Knutzen, the co-founder of Butter tells us how he transformed hundreds of user interviews into actual paying customers and why creating a great culture is his no. 1 priority.
Jakob Knutzen
Co-Founder @
September 4, 2023

From a simple idea to market disruption

Explore how Sendspark's founder, Bethany, revolutionized sales and marketing with a simple concept. Discover their innovative growth experiments and the art of balancing big projects with quick wins. Dive into their journey of empowering customers and reshaping business flows to next level efficiency.
Bethany Stachenfeld
Co-Founder @ Sendspark
August 29, 2023

Turning a slack community into a million $ startup

In this Founder Story we are talking to Patrick Ryan about Odin, a investment platform revolutionizing the private markets. Learn about their growth strategy, community focus, and how they are transforming investing.
Patrick Ryan
Co-Founder @ Odin
August 22, 2023

The power of authentic business relations

In this conversation, we discuss the journey of OpenVC, starting as a community-driven VC list and evolving into a comprehensive startup fundraising platform. We delve into customized growth strategies, genuine networking, and the power of educational content. Additionally, we explore how OpenVC's dedication to authentic connections created a supportive community, a crucial factor in their success.
Stéphane Nasser
Co-Founder @ OpenVC
August 14, 2023

From Ideation to Exit in 3 years

Exclusive Conversation with Michael, Founder of TypeStudio
Michael Sieb
Co-Founder of Type Studio
by MaxFleit