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Financial Model Template for Startups

We guide you through the process of building a financial model.

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Financial Plan / Model Startup Template
Financial Model Easy to Edit

Easy to Understand & Edit

Our basic structure and instructions on every input field guide you through the whole process of putting your assumptions in to automatically calculated values for the future.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We automatically combine all of your  inputs and generate the most important financial statements (P&L) for the next five years.

Charts Financial Model Startup

Beautiful charts & projections

The Financial Model automatically generates the most important charts in a visually appealing way, ready to use for your pitch deck or investor presentation.


We guide you the whole way

Start with your basic company data

First, you need to set up your company by giving the model basic information about when you started, which currency you use, and the business model you have.

Company Data Setup Financial Model

How do you generate revenue

The second area of the financial model is all about generating revenue. Which marketing channel do you use to attract customers? How much does it cost for you to attract them? What is your conversion rate?

You can use real data or, if you do not have real data, make assumptions. This information will then be used to predict future revenues.

Financial Model Revenues Tab

Hiring Plan & Team Costs

For most companies, the team is the most important and simultaneously the most expensive part of their business. Use the HR tab to model the growth of your organization and the corresponding HR expenses.

You can also work with dynamic salaries and track your headcount down the road.

Hiring Plan Financial Model

Model your other costs

Besides product and team-related costs, there are a lot more costs that need to be considered. Legal fees, payment processing, and travel costs are just some to mention. Our model helps you to keep track of everything.

Operating Expenses Financial Model

What is your runway?

Most startups these days are financing their initial growth through external capital. Our funding tab helps you to understand how much money you need and how much time you have left to raise the next funding round.

Rundway and Fundraising in Financial Plan


Choose your business category

SaaS Financial Model

 Financial Model

Five-year financial model build around recurring revenues, marketing and sales activities, and SaaS-centric assumptions like churn.


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Ecommerce Financial Model Template

E-Commerce / DTC Financial Model

Five-year financial model build around marketing related revenues, costs of goods sold and other company related expenses.


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Financial Model Template

Plain / Blank
Financial Model

Five-year model for most of the other business types, that can easily be adopted. It is based on sales generated by marketing.


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For SaaS business models

.xls Excel file

How-To Video

Example + Blank Version


For E-Commerce and DTC companies

.xls Excel file

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Example + Blank Version


For other business models

.xls Excel file

How-To Video

Example + Blank Version


Let's answer some questions

Do you have questions about our Financial Model Template? We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I buy the Financial Model Template?

It's simple. Our financial model template gives you the power to rapidly build your own financial plan for the next 5 years. You can use our pre-built structure, insert your own information and the model will do the rest. This will save you hours and raise the quality of your financial plan.

What is included in the download?

After you purchased the template you will get a .zip folder that contains a plain version of the model, an example version, and instruction material. You can start building your financial model immediately.

I have never worked with a financial model before? Will I be able to use it?

Absolutely. We decided to build our model as easy as possible. We will give you a lot of guidance during the process and make sure you don't miss out on important data.

I have another question?

Do you have another question or are not sure whether the template is right for yourself? Just leave us a mail at and we will help out!

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