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Notion Startup Fundraising Template

Everything you need to successfully raise funds for your startup

Notion Fundraising Template for StartUps
Having a solid fundraising strategy is vital

Why we have built the Fundraising Template

At the start of our first investment process, we found ourselves in the same position as you are right now, and we wished we had someone who told us that having a solid fundraising strategy would have raised the chances of getting funded.

With this template we give you the opportunity to save a lot of time, stress and nerves we already have wasted for you.

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We got your fundraising covered

Investor CRM Notion Template

Using a pipeline approach for fundraising

Investor CRM

The investor CRM helps you to keep track of all your investor relations. Document all conversations, negotiations and stages of your investor relationship in this easy to use investor CRM.

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Raising funds requires a clear strategy

Pitch Deck
Content Creator

Get a full understanding of which content you need to include on each slide. Use our guidance to collect all the necessary information you need to know to create your pitch deck's content, which you can then directly document in this tool.

Notion Pitch Deck Template Builder
Investor Templates for Notion

Investment Memo & Investor Update etc.

Investor Ready Templates

The Notion Pack also includes an Investor Update Template and an Investment Memo template. These will, in combination with the Investor CRM, help you to keep your investor informed in a structured and comprehensible way.

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Learn from the best

50+ Investment Resources

With this collection of 50+ resources, you can learn more about how to raise an investment for your startup and we also included a list of our favorite tools.

Fundraising Resources & Startup Investment Links

Tools in this template

📖  Fundraising Guide
💸  Investor CRM
📑  Due Dilligence Checklist
📣  Pitch Deck Feedback Template
❓ FAQ Template
🦄  Pitch Deck Builder
🚦 Investor Update Template
📃 Investment Memo Template
📦  Resources List


With the fundraising pack, we literally saved hours. It was so easy to edit the components and work collaboratively on them. It's worth so much more.



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Access to all Notion templates


Access to all Notion templates


Let's answer some questions

Have questions about our Notion Fundraising template? We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I buy the Notion Fundraising template?

It's simple. Notion Fundraising Template gives you the power to rapidly plan and run your startup fundraising efforts. You can use our pre-built components & templates and insert your own information in no time. That will save you hours and raise the probability of getting an investment for your idea.

What is included in the download?

After you purchased the template you will get a link to the Notion workspace. You can easily clone the whole package into your own Notion space and start right away.

List of contents:

- Fundraising Guide (Our own guide to raising an investment)
- Investor CRM (Template to structure your investor pipeline)
- Pitch Deck Feedback (Collect and work on your pitch deck feedback)
- FAQ (Build your own fundraising question & answer database)
- Pitch Deck Content Builder (Use our guidelines to build the perfect content for your pitch deck)
- Due Diligence Checklist (Prepare the documents you need for the Due Diligence)
- Investor Update (Use our template to update your investors)
- Investment Memo (Write your own investment memorandum)
- Captable (Simpel Captable Builder for Notion)
- Resources (50+ of the best resources for raising investments)

Can i collaborate on the template?

Absolutely. We decided to build your templates in Notion to work on the fundraising together with our team. And we love it.

I have another question?

Do you have another question or are not sure whether the template is the right for yourself? Just leave us a mail at and we will help out!

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