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August 2, 2022

Top 6 VC Investors in Cairo

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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More than 220 investors are active in the Egyptian market, and among these, only ten have shown the ability to have a significant impact on the investment scene over time. The team at Tahrir Squared Partners looked at more than 220 active venture investors in Egypt — there is always an ongoing debate about how many local VCs are active in the country. Some say 5, others 10, others 25, but we chose to go with a slightly higher number to ensure we included all of the key players as well as investors operating on foreign soil — such as international VCs or Angels that invest cross border. 

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Cairo

1. Endure Capital

Endure Capital-VC-Cairo

Endure Capital is an early stage investment fund headed by entrepreneurs looking for startup teams. They look for founders who are relentlessly resourceful and imaginative, solving genuine problems that matter to a lot of people and building high growth companies that endure.


Founded: 2015

Endure Capital's most notable exits include Careem, WaystoCap, and Cambridge Cancer Genomics.

2. Flat6Labs Egypt

MENA’s leading seed and early stage VC firm, and the manager of the most renowned startup programs in the region. We are Accelerating the Future.


Founded: 2011

Flat6Labs Egypt's most notable exits include

3. HIMAngel


HIMAngel is a venture capital and private equity firm that supports early-stage startups to grow. It fills the funds' gap as there is an increasing focus on growth-stage VC funds, but little attention and even less money made available for early-stage investments. HIMAngel was founded in 2017 and headquartered in Cairo, Al Qahirah


Founded: 2017

HIMAngel's most notable exits include  Filkhedma.

4. A15


A15 is an entrepreneurial company that invests in digital products and technology brands. They aspire to empower the human race to overcome its limits and expand its capabilities by creating real products for real people. They help them scale by providing them with investment, the support of our ecosystem, and act as their launchpad for expansion.It was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt


Founded: 2015

A15's most notable exits include Accelero Capital.

5. Sawari Ventures

Sawari Ventures-VC-Cairo

The Middle East/North Africa is the next great investment opportunity. The Middle East has a collective population larger than the US, the vast majority of whom are ‘digital natives‘ (e.g.; under 30) with great appetites for consumer technology products and services. The region boasts higher per capita GDP and more disposable income than India Or China. In short, the Middle East is one of the technology sector high-growth regions, and offers tremendous potential for expansion in mobile, internet, social media and eCommerce services.

Like the BRIC’s and other emerging markets, local partners are key to success. Sawari Ventures is at home in the Middle East, and knows its culture, context and business climate. They have experience and relationships working with technology and investment leaders world-wide. They know how to translate local visionaries into global hits.


Founded: 2009

Total fund size: $190M

Sawari Ventures most notable exits include Swvl, Fatura, and Kngine

6. Disruptech Ventures

Disruptech Ventures-VC-Cairo

DisrupTech Ventures is a $25M Venture Capital Fund established to support promising early stage fintech and fintech-enabled digital services with a focus on Egypt. We target early stage capital: seed and late seed as well as follow on successes. We believe in the ability of Fintech to enable market solutions to societal problems.


Total fund size: $25M

Disruptech Ventures most notable exits include Fatura

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