Traction Slide

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Why you should have a traction slide in your pitch deck.

Love it or hate it - in some cases, your fundraising efforts can decide on the success of your startup. And one thing that helps you to convince every investor to love your business is to show your traction.

With your traction slide, you give investors evidence that your business will be successful. Every positive signal will increase their confidence in the idea. In most of the top pitch decks traction slides, you will find some growing sales or user graph (ideally in the form of a hockey stick) supported by additional metrics. All this information proves that your business is going in the right direction and that now is the right time for the investor to jump on board.

The traction slide is an excellent place to show what you are measuring and why. Always ask yourself which numbers have to improve to get your company to the next level. You want to find these critical drivers for growth in the early days of your company. This will prove to investors that you are capable of executing but are also able to save a ton of money and time. For some businesses, this could be the number of leads or the customer acquisition cost; for others, it could be the churn or the customer live time value.

Nevertheless, with your traction slide, you can be creative about what you want to include and what not. We saw a lot of pitch decks that presented the company's SEO rankings, pr coverage, or feedback of lead customers. These are some more ideas from us:

  • Net Promoter Score
  • App Store Rankings
  • Revenue
  • CAC
  • CLV
  • Average Sales Cycle
  • Leads / Requests
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue / Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Average Order
  • Conversion Rate
  • Total Visitors

If you don't have any traction metrics, yet you can use the slide as an opportunity to show feedback from advisors or test users.

Finally, be aware that you should not overload your slide with too much information. As always, a good pitch deck slide differs from a bad one in only showing what's important.

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How you can build a killer traction slide

Content of the problem slide pitch deck

  • Your Revenue (if you already have some)
  • Additional Numbers showing that you solve a real problem (App-Installs, Downloads, User, Leads, Requests, Revenue, Marketing Metrics etc.)
  • User / Customer Feedback
  • Your previous assumptions about things and how they worked out
Content of the pitch deck slide
Questions to answer with your pitch deck

Questions your slide answers

  • Are you progressing?
  • Are your previous assumptions proving true?
  • Are you getting to a product-market fit?
  • Do the customers love your product?
  • Is there a massive growth in the market?
  • Do you have metrics to build upon?

Common Slide Mistakes

  • Showing irrelevant metrics (You want to find the key drivers for your growth)
Common Mistakes in Pitch Deck Slides
How to design a nice pitch deck slide

Slide design

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple

Example traction slides of Buffer & Mixpanel

As you can see, either you can choose to focus on one key element of your traction, or you can choose to focus on different key aspects.

We redesigned Mixpanel's traction slide, including only one key element of their achieved traction. However, we recommend only choosing this style of a traction slide if you have a killer argument to only show one particular aspect of your traction. In this case, it is the hockey stick graph that needs to put the focus on. Everything else bows to the revenue!

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