Works with Figma
Works with Figma

Figma Pitch Deck Template

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Free Figma Pitch Deck Template
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Create your professional pitch deck in no time!

Structure of the figma pitch deck

A pitch deck investors won't forget

Proven Structure

The template structure is based on an analysis of 70+ startup pitch decks in different industries. Plus, it is pre-loaded with our company story, so you can see what content goes where.

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300+ Components

Every slide of the Figma pitch deck template includes design proposals & predesigned elements so that you can can save a lot of time creating your pitch deck.

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Pitch Deck Template comes with a reading and presentation version
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An amazing designed pitch deck in minutes

Fast & Easy to Edit

We decided to develop a pitch deck template for Figma. Simply because we love the possibilities of Figma but we don't want to miss the easiness of our great template.

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700+ upvotes, dozens of comments and reviews show what we hoped before. Founders love our template. Take a look at our ProductHunt launch and read more.

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Download the Figma pitch deck template today!

You are not familiar with Figma and want to use Powerpoint / Google Slides or Keynote instead? No problem! You can download the pitch deck template here.

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