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Learn how to write a good investor email

If you have never written an email to a VC, you are probably stuck writing the first lines, or even worse, you have been sending emails but have never received any answers.

Today we want to change that by curating the best tips on emailing investors from the top VCs and people in the ecosystem.

1. Cold email still works.

Let’s start dispelling the myth that cold emailing investors will never work because it does. 

It’s a VCs job to find the best opportunities for their fund no matter where they are coming from. So if it’s via cold email, that's also fine, and you will find hundreds of stories online where one email leads to getting an investment.

But that does not mean you should just email every single investor with your deck. In cold outreaches, it is even more important to show the relevance right away. So target only investors interested in your space and show why you are a good investment opportunity.

2. Keep it short

Investors get hundreds of emails per day. Some of their portfolio companies, some from partners, and some from people they have never heard about. So if you want them to open your email, you have to stand out from the crowd and be unique. 

So think of ways to get them excited about your company in 3-7 words on the subject line. In most cases, you can do this most easily with any traction metrics.  

3. Make it easy for the investor.

Investors have to assess a lot of different companies every week. If they are reading your email, they are looking for reasons to say now right away - and that could be if they don’t find the information they are looking for (e.G. your deck) or information on your traction. So try to give them as much of the information needed in the least amount of words.

Always remember. Investor emails can and should be short.

4. Do your research. 

Every VC is different. Some VCs are investing in software, some only in Biotech. Some investors write checks worldwide, but at least as many are only investing in the US. 

You can use platforms like to research what kind of stages, companies, and geographies these VCs are investing in. So don’t waste your and their time sending bulk emails to hundreds of people.

5. Get the basics right.

I would always encourage you to send your email to a specific person inside the fund instead of a general email address. That shows that you have done your research, and the likelihood of getting an answer is way higher.

But don’t mess it all up by misspelling the person's name.

Now that you have learned what matters when emailing investors it's your turn to do it. Af you need some more help make sure to check out our templates our "How to fundraise and build your pitch deck" masterclass.

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