How to build great Pitch Deck Slides

We show you how to build winning pitch deck slides with step by step instructions and many examples for every slide in your deck.

Title Slide
Use the title slide to gain investors attention and get a kick start into your pitch!
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Problem Slide
What is the problem your are trying to solve and is it really a problem worth solving?
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Solution Slide
Show off how you solve the big problem you just described with your business.
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Product Slide
You've got something to show? The product slide is the right slide to do it!
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Market Slide
Is the market big enough for huge growth? An important question you should answer!
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Competition Slide
There is no business without competition. Learn how to show it the right way.
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Traction Slide
One thing that helps you to convince investors to love your startup is to show traction!
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Business Model Slide
What's the business model that drives your startup? We show ways to show it the right way!
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Team Slide
Investors invest in people. Impress them with your kick-ass team full of experience.
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Milestones Slide
Learn how to display all information regarding your next steps and developments.
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Customer Acquisition Slide
The CA Slide gives insights about which customers you will address and how to reach them.
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Financial Projections Slide
Learn how to design a compelling Financials Slide that leaves no questions open.
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Ask Slide
How much money do you need for the next growth step and what are you going to do with it?
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Contact Slide
The contact slide is the last thing the investor will see. Don't forget the CTA!
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Exit Strategy Slide
Learn how to how present relevant exit scenarios for your investor in your pitch deck.
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Summary Slide
No time? We show you how to summarize your whole pitch deck in just one slide!
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Go-to-Market Slide
Show how you will acquire customers for your business and enter the market.
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Why Now Slide
The Why Now Slide explains why the timing is right for your business idea.
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