Team Slide

We show you how to build a stunning problem side for your business pitch deck.


Why you should have the team slide in your pitch deck.

Who will be part of the rockstar team that is going to build the next moonshot for the investor? You've got to show them!

The primary purpose of your team slide is to built confidence in your team and your skills to make the venture a huge success. It is common to give a short bio for each of your key team members, including education, relevant experience, and any accomplishments.

Always ask yourself: What previous things in your team members' lives could be helpful for your business challenges. Think of it as a proven track record.

Be aware that all of this information should be short because the purpose of the pitch deck is to get the attention of the investor and not to tell any life stories (Pro Tip: Add a more extended version of your team slide to the appendix).

The team slide can also be used to tell any story that the founders have together or speak about a shared passion or purpose.

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How to build your killer team slide

Content of the problem slide pitch deck

  • Pictures
  • The role of every key team member
  • Previous Experience and accomplishments
  • Any domain expertise

Content of the pitch deck slide
Questions to answer with your pitch deck

Questions your slide answers

  • Why choose your team?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Are there any lacking competences?
  • Are you the right people for the challenge?

Common Slide Mistakes

  • Adding irrelevant information
  • Too many team members on the slide
  • Fancy titles without any information about which area of the company you will cover

Common Mistakes in Pitch Deck Slides
How to design a nice pitch deck slide

Slide design

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple


Example team slides of AirBnB & Co.

The best examples of pitch deck team slides give essential information about the founders of the startup. Usually, it consists of a headshot of each founder and critical information about why he or she is qualified to launch this startup. Make sure always to use high-quality photographs instead of selfies made with your mobile phone! This will leave a great impression on your investors.

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