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August 29, 2022

Top 9 VC Investors in Dallas

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Dallas may not be well known for its venture capital investors, but it should. In the past 7 years, the top 10 Dallas based VC firms have collected around 5 billion dollars in exits, acquisitions of other companies and IPOs. This collection of money is quickly approaching the state record of 6 billion dollars.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for San Diego, Phoenix and Houston.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Dallas

1. Sevin Rosen Funds

Sevin Rosen Funds VC - Dallas

Although technologies and markets have changed dramatically during the last 25 years, the investment principles upon which Sevin Rosen Funds was founded in 1981 have not. The Sevin Rosen team, all seasoned high-tech executives, always takes a very active and team-oriented approach to helping entrepreneurs throughout every stage of the company-building process.

Sevin Rosen Funds examine technology trends, identifying those technologies they believe will transform entire industries. Their emphasis is on what will happen next, what will succeed, and then, what will endure.

Sevin Rosen Funds mean what they say. In the venture capital world -- a world based almost entirely on personal relationships -- their word and their good name are their most valuable assets. And in all their relationships, they 've consistently placed a premium on honesty and fairness.


Founded: 1981

Total fund size: $1.7B

Sevin Rosen Funds's most notable exits include Splunk, Vidyo, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

2. Tech Wildcatters

Tech Wildcatters VC - Dallas

Tech Wildcatters is a mentorship-driven VC fund and startup accelerator. Their 12-week accelerator has been rated as a Top 10 Accelerator/Incubator by Forbes. They’re very selective – each year they expect hundreds of companies to apply to the program and 8-10 of them will be invited to Dallas for each class. The companies get up to $130,000in seed funding, intensive top-notch mentorship, and the opportunity to pitch to angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate development.


Founded: 2009

Tech Wildcatters's most notable exits include Siftery, Koupon, and Nimbix.

3. Green Park & Golf Ventures

Green Park & Golf Ventures VC - Dallas

Green Park & Golf, built on over 50 years of operational and financial experience, seeks investment opportunities that offer above-market returns for its investors. Led by Clay Heighten, M.D., and Carl Soderstrom, the Firm delivers strategic solutions, financial backing and a reliable network to its portfolio companies. The Dallas-based Firm iscurrently looking for investment opportunities in medical-related start-ups.

Dr. Heighten founded MedicalEdge Healthcare Group in 1993, and Mr. Soderstrom started PhyServe Physician Services in 1998 to administer the financial and operational needs of MedicalEdge. Together, the companies managed over 550 providers in five major markets. In 2011, the companies were sold to Texas Health Resources, a $3.8 billion health care system. That’s when Green Park & Golf was born.

After earning his MBA at Southern Methodist University, Mr. Garcia joined them full-time in May 2011 to actively pursue new investment opportunities and monitor other investments in their portfolio. He has prior professional experience at FedEx, Bold Ventures, and Lone Star Investment Advisors.


Founded: 2011

Green Park & Golf Ventures's most notable exits include Lantern Pharma, Savara Pharmaceuticals, and Brainspace.

4. RevTech Ventures

RevTech Ventures VC - Dallas

RevTech Ventures is a venture capital fund with a focus of early-stage investments at the intersection of retail and technology. We make dozens of small, initial investments, with larger follow-on investments in those companies that demonstrate rapid growth and sustainable advantage. We are committed to helping the retail industry adapt in the age of Amazon.


Founded: 2011

Total fund size: $50M

RevTech Ventures's most notable exits include Dor, CultureMap, and Pnp Loyalty.

5. Goldcrest Capital

Goldcrest Capital VC - Dallas

Goldcrest is a venture capital fund that invests in private technology companies. The firm was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA.


Founded: 2016

Total fund size: $255M

Goldcrest Capital's most notable exits include Zenput, Bird, and Sage Care Ltd..

6. Perot Jain

Perot Jain VC - Dallas

Perot Jain, L.P. is a Dallas-based venture capital firm focused on seed and early stage investments. Their firm was founded by long-term business partners, Ross Perot Jr. and Anurag Jain, in 2014. They not only set out to understand how technology would shape the business landscape over the next 20 years, but they also wanted to take an active role in building these industry transforming companies.

Their mission is to provide timely capital and resources while delivering the highest quality strategic advice to assist their portfolio companies in achieving their maximum potential. Their unique ability to leverage their affiliated operating entities differentiates us from their peers and helps drive early customer traction and accelerated growth for their partners.

Their goal is to become the premier early stage focused venture capital firm in the Southwest.


Founded: 2014

Perot Jain's most notable exits include Planetary Resources and Ustream.

7. Blossom Street Ventures

Blossom Street Ventures VC - Dallas

Blossom Street Ventures invest in companies with run rate revenue of $3mm to $30mm, with year over year growth of 50%+ depending on revenue. Blossom Street Ventures lead or follow in growth rounds and special situations like inside rounds, small rounds, rushed rounds, corralling investors with company term sheet, bridges, extensions, in betweenness, cap table clean up, and founder secondary. Blossom Street Ventures can commit in 3 weeks and our check is $1mm to $4mm.


Founded: 2013

Total fund size: $50M

Blossom Street Ventures's most notable exits include Zype, Contactually, and LevelEleven.

8. Cypress Growth Capital

Cypress Growth Capital VC - Dallas

Cypress Growth Capital is the first, largest and most active royalty-based growth capital firm in the U.S., with $80,000,000 of committed capital across two funds. We provide an innovative, yet proven, source of funding for emerging and expanding companies. An alternative to traditional debt and equity instruments, royalty-based growth capital offers entrepreneurs access to significant capital while preserving equity and control. Cypress invests $1 million to $5 million in software and technology-enabled business services companies located in the Southwest with annual revenues between $3M and $20M. With available capital, a proven track record of twelve royalty-based investments, and an investment team that has extensive entrepreneurial and operating experience, Cypress Growth Capital is a proven and valued funding partner.


Founded: 2010

Total fund size: $122M

Cypress Growth Capital's most notable exits include ClearVoice, Altitude Digital, and Stackify.

9. Interlock Partners

Interlock Partners VC - Dallas

Interlock Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm based out of Texas and New York.  We back companies driving transformational change in the enterprise technology stack fueled by artificial intelligence, cloud platforms, and other innovative solutions.


Founded: 2015

Total fund size: $28M

Interlock Partners's most notable exits include HOMER, Waggl, Inc., and Hangar Technology.

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