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August 29, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Houston

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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In this post, we take a look at the top 10 venture capital investors based in Houston. These firms are leading the charge to build some of the most promising startups and early-stage companies in America. For those looking to fuel their startup's growth, or for entrepreneurs looking for funding, it is important to have a perspective of where and who is investing in Houston based companies.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for San Diego, Phoenix and Chicago.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Houston

1. Mercury

Mercury VC - Houston

With over $500 million under management and $8 billion of value creation since inception, Mercury focuses on entrepreneurs and startups across Middle America. Our investment themes target SaaS, cloud, and data platforms enabling the digital transformation of markets, industries, and customer relationships.


Founded: 2013

Total fund size: $200M

Mercury's most notable exits include TrendKite, Label Insight, and Apto.

2. Chevron Technology Ventures

Chevron Technology Ventures VC - Houston

Chevron Technology Ventures champions innovation, commercialization and integration of emerging technologies within Chevron.

Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) helps Chevron embrace emerging technologies to create new commercial opportunities, reduce costs and improve performance.

CTV serves as one of the company's most important technology scouts, always searching for emerging technologies that could enhance Chevron's strategies. CTV identifies, acquires, tests, validates, and, if appropriate, helps integrate those technologies into the company's core businesses. Alternatively, technologies may be studied then shelved for future consideration.


Founded: 1999

Total fund size: $180M

Chevron Technology Ventures's most notable exits include ChargePoint, Codexis, and Panzura.

3. Texas HALO Fund

Texas HALO Fund VC - Houston

Texas HALO Fund is an investment company that specializes in investing in early-stage businesses with promising growth prospects and exceptional management teams. Its investment approach identifies compelling businesses from multiple sources and without regard to the industry or geographic location. Quite simply, it seeks the best opportunities, locally, regionally, and nationally, in order to generate the highest returns for the investors with the lowest possible risk.

The firm was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


Founded: 2012

Total fund size: $437K

Texas HALO Fund's most notable exits include Mi Padrino, Quad Technologies, and

4. Cathexis Ventures

Cathexis Ventures VC - Houston

Cathexis Ventures is the venture arm of Cathexis Holdings, a single family office based in Houston Texas. Minimum check size $100k, max $10M for seed stage companies. Typically $250k checks.


5. Scotia Capital

Scotia Capital VC - Houston

Scotiabank is a leading bank in the Americas with diversified operations serving high quality growth markets. The Bank provides a broad range of banking services including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, and capital markets. The Bank has competitive scale in its core markets in the Americas which drives growth.


Founded: 1999

Scotia Capital's most notable exits include the Score, Ag Growth International, and K92 Mining.

6. Fitz Gate Ventures

Fitz Gate Ventures VC - Houston

Fitz Gate Ventures is a seed and pre-seed venture capital fund that invests a majority of its capital in companies from the Princeton ecosystem. A portion of its capital is available to be invested more broadly. Initial checks of $500K, reserving for follow-ons. $25 million under management.


Founded: 2016

Total fund size: $25M

Fitz Gate Ventures's most notable exits include Predata and Uplevel Security.

7. Seed Round Capital

Seed Round Capital VC - Houston

Seed Round Capital helps startup founders fund and scale their businesses with management guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs. In addition, founders receive training on proven business methods specially formulated by Seed Round Capital, and access to funding. Whereas most accelerator programs guide startups for about 12 to 18 weeks, our firm is committed to a long-term approach, where we provide guidance for up to 18 months. This longer mentorship ensures a greater chance of success for startups.

Once startups are selected by Seed Round Capital, they receive mentoring from an experienced entrepreneur, startup business training, and funding opportunities with Seed Round Capital’s network of investors. With the breadth of our entrepreneurial experience and selective vetting process.


Founded: 2020

8. The Artemis Fund

The Artemis Fund VC - Houston

The Artemis Fund invests in female-founded, tech-enabled companies that help people build wealth and allow people to care for their families and communities in a more sustainable way.


Founded: 2019

9. GOOSE Capital

GOOSE Capital VC - Houston

GOOSE is an investment firm comprised of Fortune 500 executives, successful entrepreneurs, industry titans, and global super-connectors investing in deep tech and tough tech startups. GOOSE Capital invests around $10 million per year across a variety of industries, but with a focus on breakthrough, proprietary technologies.


Founded: 2005

10. Quantum Energy Partners

Quantum Energy Partners VC - Houston

Quantum works with entrepreneurs to build companies that provide the sustainable energy the modern world needs. Through hands-on support from our team of cross-disciplinary experts, we help our partners enhance operational performance and accelerate progress so they can win in the fast-evolving Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.

Solving the world’s biggest energy challenges will require new ways of thinking. Quantum’s deep experience investing across the entire Sustainable Energy Ecosystem sets us apart. We invest strategically to help ensure a sustainable energy future using private equity, credit & structured capital, and venture capital to keep advancing today’s energy for tomorrow’s world.


Founded: 1998

Total fund size: $13B

Quantum Energy Partners's most notable exits include ChargePoint and Power Factors.

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