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June 4, 2024

Top 10 VC Investors in Sao Paulo

Maximilian Fleitmann
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Many lovers of Startups and exciting innovative companies are learning more about the city of Sao Paulo. Whether it be Startups, VC firms or investors, many find that there is a new focus developing on the Brazilian economy. There are some great opportunities for growth and more than a few big names planning to give it their efforts. This is why we have made a list of the top 10 investors for you to review further below.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the ranking for Brazil.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Sao Paulo


1. Bossanova Investimentos

Bossanova Investimentos-VC-Sao Paulo

BossaNova is the number one Brazilian Micro Venture Capital. We are the most active investor in the pre-seed stage in Latin America with more than 1200 investments in over 1000 Startups. We also invest in global companies, directly or through co-investment syndicates on AngelList.


Founded: 2011

Total fund size: $33M

Bossanova Investimentos Most notable exits include BlockFi, Enjoy, and Robinhood.

2. Monashees

Monashees-VC-Sao Paulo

monashees is the pioneer venture capital firm in Latin America. It partners with outstanding founders who are revolutionizing large markets. The firm serves entrepreneurs starting with their very first movements, supporting their growth through its expansion funds.With a human-values-first approach, monashees helps founders challenge the status quo and improve people’s lives through technology.


Founded: Oct 3, 2005‍

Total fund size: $757M

Monashees notable exits include 99, Rappi, and WEEL.


3. Canary

Canary-VC-Sao Paulo

Canary is the first partner of the best founders in Latam.With funding, insights, connections and talent, we are the first institutional investors for the companies that are shaping the future of the region's economy— and beyond.‍



Founded: 2016

Total fund size: $220M

Canary's most notable exits include Volanty, Qulture.Rocks, and Spin Pay.


4. Redpoint eventures

Redpoint eventures-VC-Sao Paulo

Redpoint eventures approach is to help entrepreneurs by offering the benefits of both local and international VCs including insight,company building, financing, and exit. ‍



Founded: 2011

Total fund size: $305M

Redpoint eventures most notable exits include Holberton School


5. DOMO Invest

DOMO Invest-VC-Sao Paulo


DOMO Invest is a leading venture capital firm in Brazil that invests in best in class entrepreneurs. We back early-stage consumer-focused technology startups, helping them grow faster and establish themselves in competitive markets.

We started from the collective desire of our founding partners to contribute to the success of the next generation of Brazilian Entrepreneurs. DOMO’s multi-disciplinary team is supported by its Advisory Board whose members have solid and proven track-record in creating, investing,advising and financing tech startups of all sizes.

Our GPs have thrived as entrepreneurs, having founded companies such as Buscapé in Brazil. The team was also among the early investors in well renowned start-ups such as Loggi, Gympass, Hotmart, among others.



Founded: 2016

Total fund size: R$492M

DOMO Invest's most notable exits include mLabs, IOUU,andNoverde


KPTL-VC-Sao Paulo

KPTL is the result of the merger between A5 Capital Partners And Inseed Investimentos, two of the most experienced VC firms in Brazil.



Founded: 2020

Total fund size: $3.7M

KPTL's most notable exits include Zarpo


7. Mindset Ventures

Mindset Ventures-VC-Sao Paulo

Mindset Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that support entrepreneurs in their growth and international expansion. The firm targets B2B startups technology applied to Agriculture, Financial Services, Healthcare,Cybersecurity, Education, and Enterprise Software industry. It was founded in 2016 and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Founded: 2016

Total fund size: $75M

Mindset Ventures's most notable exits include KenSci,Prodigy, and WEEL.


8. Astella

Astella-VC-Sao Paulo

Astella is a venture investor, providing capital, culture,and capabilities to Brazilian entrepreneurs who are willing to change our country's future.



Founded: 2008

Total fund size: $123.6M

Astella's most notable exits include Kenoby, Skore, and Qulture.Rocks.


9. MAYA Capital

MAYA Capital-VC-Sao Paulo

An early-stage venture firm that supports businesses generating accessibility, transformation and efficiency in Brazil and Latin America.



Founded: 2018

Total fund size: $100M

MAYA Capital's most notable exits include Avocado



ONEVC-VC-Sao Paulo

ONEVC is a Silicon Valley and Brazil-based generalist seed-stage venture firm focused on investing in entrepreneurs that tackle multi-billion dollar markets with solid product-market fit.

The firm invests early in a focused portfolio of transformational companies with the potential to be market leaders.

As Partners, we have a diverse background. Our purpose is toback the next generation of category-defining companies.

ONEVC partners have ""full-stack"" Ventures Experience. From angel investments all the way to underwriting technology IPOs.Together we have over 50 years of combined experience having invested in 70+companies in Silicon Valley and Brazil.



Founded: 2018

Total fund size: $56M



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