Our Mission

To Help Founders Get Funded

by using the power of visual storytelling


Our Story so far....

We don't like ugly presentations!

Ugly Presentations

The BaseTemplates story started a few years ago with a student who frequently visited industry conferences. There, he often heard excellent speeches that were accompanied by really ugly looking presentations.

The slides were boring, noisy, and based on rows of bullet points. So he decided to change this.

Let's change something!

He became a Presentation Designer and started building a Team to help people create better presentations, full of exciting visual assets, and clear messages.

The Team was working hard and helped a lot of people build great presentations, but still, they only could help a small number of people - but they wanted to be able to help everyone.

Why we became presentation designers!
Why we love templates!

What about a Template?

So, one day, they thought: "What if we could create a presentation template that would be specific to each business's needs? A template with great visual design and assets that are easy to work with? A template that could be customized by everyone? And just like that, BaseTemplates was born.

This is not the end of our story!

We're a small, passionate team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and create beautiful presentations that work.

by MaxFleit