Published on
March 26, 2023

Top 9 Startups in Cologne

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Cologne is home to many startups and small businesses. In this list, I take a look at the Top 9 startups in Cologne and what they do.

Top 10 Startup firms in Cologne



CHRONEXT is a full-service platform for luxury watch trading. At CHRONEXT, you can buy watches, sell watches, and service watches in their in-house certified watchmaking atelier. In addition to brand new models, they offer pre-owned and vintage timepieces, all of which have undergone inspection for quality and authenticity in their watchmakingatelier.


Founded: 2013

Total Funding: $116.6M

Last Funding Type: Series E

2. DeepL


DeepL GmbH is a leading deep learning company using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for several language translation products, such as the bilingual dictionary Linguee or the world’s best machine translation service DeepL. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Cologne, Germany.


Founded: 2009

Total Funding: $100M

Last Funding Type: Venture - Series Unknown

3. nextmarkets


Nextmarkets is dedicated to `helps private investors to operate in a sustainable and better educated manner on the stock exchange.For this purpose, the company developed a very easy-to-use trading platform in which private investors can trade more than 1,000 CFDs on equities , foreign exchange ( forex , FX ), bonds and commodities veryintuitively - via web and mobile apps . It is scientifically proven that more than 80 percent of all private investors fail on the stock market . This has predominantly behavioral economic reasons.


Founded: 2014

Total Funding: $43.3M

Last Funding Type: Series B

4. jobvalley


jobvalley’s Workforce-as-a-Service platform connects the student workforce with flexible assignments via a technology-driven, two-sided marketplace. The company’s technology is developed fully inhouse, with six dedicated development teams continuously adding further automation features and improving platform scalability.jobvalley isheadquartered in Cologne and employs c. 320 internal FTE across six hub locations in Germany.


Founded: 2008

Total Funding: €24.2M

Last Funding Type: Venture - Series Unknown

5. Sastrify


Sastrify is a virtual Software-as-a-Service procurement service, helping finance and tech teams to optimize management and cost of SaaS tools in successful digital-first companies. We automate repetitive and annoying processes (e.g. setting renewal dates, reaching out to suppliers etc.) and use a dedicated procurement team that benefits from alarge database of SaaS benchmarks to get you the best prices on the market. We typically bring our customers 3-4x ROI with only 20-30min work on their end.


Founded: 2020

Total Funding: $23.2M

Last Funding Type: Series A


"Startup_Cologne_EINHUNDERT Energy "

EINHUNDERT Energy develops smart services around green and digital energy supply, with the complete package of tenant electricity and transparent energy billing for tenants and entrepreneurs who want to benefit from green electricity, solar energy, and consistent cost transparency. The company offers the complete package for tenant electricityincluding planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of a photovoltaic system, supplying the tenants on site with low-cost solar energy and monthly bill on the real power consumption.The company monitors the power consumption from buildings through its app. Through the app, tenants can have their consumption transparent and under control. Property managers have the general stream in mind. The digital billing solution via app can seamlessly integrate vast range of technologies, from heat and water billing through smoke detectors to heat pumps and e-charging stations.EINHUNDERT Energy was founded on 2017 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.


Founded: 2017

Total Funding: €13M

Last Funding Type: Venture - Series Unknown



Start the Packaging Revolution! We are offering smart & reusable To-Go Packaging-as-a-Service to gastronomy clients & consumers.In Germany the consumption of take-away, convenience and delivery food & drinks is responsible for about 281 kilotons of single-use packaging waste for immediate consumption and is growing at double digitrates. Most of the time, To-Go food containers, snack boxes or coffee cups have a very short life-span of only 30 minutes after which they are tossed into trash (or litter parks, beaches & the ocean).


Founded: 2019

Total Funding: $12.4M

Last Funding Type: Series A


" " is transforming manual laborers’ onboarding and training processes through digitalization. The platform enables warehouse operators to onboard, upskill, and support their workers every day.


Founded: 2018

Total Funding: $8.2M

Last Funding Type: Seed

9. Buynomics


Imagine knowing your customers’ preferences without tedious analyses, complex spreadsheets, or unreliable focus groups. Buynomics’ AI transforms all your readily available data into Virtual Customers that mimic the buying decisions of real consumers with unmatched precision.Use these instant and accurate consumer insights as the single source oftruth to make decisions on prices, promotions, products, trade terms, channel & portfolio mix. Our holistic approach uncovers the links between critical revenue levers and provides fast and reliable recommendations for best results - your key to profitable and sustainable decisions.


Founded: 2018

Total Funding: $16.1M

Last Funding Type: Series A

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