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March 26, 2023

Top 10 Startups in San Jose

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, has become a hub for startups in recent years. With a strong culture of innovation, a highly educated workforce, and access to venture capital, it's no surprise that San Jose has become a hotbed for entrepreneurship. The city is home to a variety of startup accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces, making it an ideal location for early-stage companies to get their start. In this blog post, we'll explore the startup scene in San Jose and highlight some of the key players and trends shaping the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Top 10 Startup firms in San Jose

1. Innovium

Startup_San Jose_Innovium

Innovium was founded with a focus on developing and deploying advanced technology that successfully addresses the most challenging issues facing data centers. As a technology-driven company, they pride themselves on creating leading-edge innovation that aims to shatter generally accepted limits, delivering breakthrough results for their customers.The company is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock Partners, Walden Riverwood, Capricorn Investment Group, Qualcomm Ventures, S-Cubed Capital, and Redline Capital.


Founded: 2014

Total Funding: $402.3M

Last Funding Type: Series F

2. Signifyd

Startup_San Jose_Signifyd

Signifyd is a SaaS-based, enterprise-grade fraud technology solution for e-commerce stores. It simplifies fraud detection through a financial guarantee, allowing businesses to increase sales while reducing fraud losses. It was founded based on the belief that e-commerce businesses should be able to grow without fear of fraud. The solution solvesthe challenges that growing e-commerce businesses persistently face: billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, and operational costs due to tedious, manual transaction investigations.Launched in 2011, Signifyd is used by multiple companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 lists.


Founded: 2011

Total Funding: $390M

Last Funding Type: Series E

3. Visby Medical

Visby Medical is a diagnostics company that develops PCR-based diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases. The company develops a device platform that aims to redefine the way an illness is tested and treated. They believe that by taking a human-centric, technology-first approach to device development and they can create tools thatare both highly accurate and delightful to use.


Founded: 2012

Total Funding: $375.1M

Last Funding Type: Series E

4. Vectra

Startup_San Jose_Vectra

Vectra is a cybersecurity platform that uses AI to detect and automatically stop attackers in real-time while collecting data to perform conclusive incident investigations. It specializes in cloud and network detection and response (NDR) – from cloud and data center workloads to accounts, user, and IoT devices. The company offers four applicationson the Cognito platform to address high-priority use cases. Cognito Detect for Office365 and Azure AD finds and stops attacks in enterprise SaaS applications and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Cognito Stream sends security-enriched metadata in zeek format to data lakes and SIEMs. Cognito Recall is a cloud-based application to store and investigate threats in enriched metadata. And Cognito Detect uses AI to reveal and prioritize hidden and unknown attackers at speed. Vectra was founded in 2011 and is based in San Jose, California.


Founded: 2011

Total Funding: $352.5M

Last Funding Type: Series F

5. Tredence

Startup_San Jose_Tredence

Tredence provides an AI-enabled data strategy solution focusing on the last-mile problem. It bridges the gap between insights delivery and value realization by enabling last-mile adoption of data science.


Founded: 2013

Total Funding: $205M

Last Funding Type: Series B

6. OpenGov

Startup_San Jose_OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in providing our nation’s state agencies and local governments with modern cloud software to help power more effective and accountable government. Built exclusively for the unique budgeting, financial, and community development needs of the public sector, OpenGov solutions help our more than 1,000 customers plan effectively,increase efficiency, and improve engagement through better collaboration and transparency.


Founded: 2012

Total Funding: $178M

Last Funding Type: Venture - Series Unknown


Startup_San Jose_SiMa is a machine learning company delivering the industry’s first software-centric purpose-built MLSoC™ platform. With push-button performance, we enable effortless ML deployment and scaling at the embedded edge by allowing customers to address any computer vision problem while achieving 10x better performance at the lowest power. Initiallyfocused on computer vision applications, is led by technologists and business veterans backed by a set of top investors committed to helping customers bring ML onto their platforms.


Founded: 2018

Total Funding: $177M

Last Funding Type: Series B

8. AutoX

Startup_San Jose_AutoX

AutoX is a self-driving car startup that offers AI drivers to enable universal access to transportation for the people.


Founded: 2016

Total Funding: $160.1M

Last Funding Type: Series B

9. Securiti

Startup_San Jose_Securiti

Securiti is the leading provider of Unified Data Controls with its Data Controls Cloud. It is a holistic solution for privacy, security, governance, and compliance across on-premise, hybrid, and multicloud environments in different geographies.Securiti was named Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Security, “Most Innovative Startup” at RSA Conference2020, winner of “IAPP Privacy Innovation Award”, and Leader in both Forrester Wave and IDC Marketscape for Data Privacy Management Software.Securiti Data Controls Cloud is a full-stack solution for Security, Privacy, Governance, and Compliance, anchored around AI/ML Sensitive Data Intelligence.These include: - Dark Data Systems Discovery - Sensitive Data Discovery - Data Cataloging - Data Security Posture Management - Access Intelligence & Controls - Detection of Sensitive Data in Motion - Breach Impact Analysis & Response - Data Risk Monitor - Individual Privacy Rights Automation - Data Privacy Obligations Automation - Workflow & Controls Automation.


Founded: 2019

Total Funding: $156M

Last Funding Type: Series C

10. CNEX Labs

Startup_San Jose_CNEX Labs

CNEX provides revolutionary solid-state storage semiconductor and software solutions for cloud, hyper-scale, and enterprise data centers. The company delivers innovative storage semiconductor and software solutions, partnering with solid-state storage manufacturers, data center and systems customers to develop revolutionary NVMe and Open-ChannelSSD controller ASICs that deliver high-performance with low and predictable latency, scalability and flexibility for software-defined-storage.CNEX controller products are key to accelerating the capabilities of big data compute and analytics for the next generation of cloud, hyperscale and enterprise data centers. The customers use CNEX SSD controllers to deliver differentiated SSD solutions for low-power and high-performance in M.2, U.2, U.3, HHHL, EDSFF, and other form-factors.CNEX Labs was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.


Founded: 2013

Total Funding: $143.8M

Last Funding Type: Series G

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