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May 12, 2022

Top VC Investors in Zurich

Narine Davtyan
Entrepreneur in Residence

The entire startup ecosystem in Switzerland is now worth a total $149B, up 3.7x sine 2016, with significant value driven by the country’s leading health and biotech startups, and university spinouts. Switzerland, despite being a relatively small country by population, is particularly entrepreneurial, with more startups per capita than it’s bigger, more headline-grabbing startup neighbours. It has also created more unicorn startups per capita than anywhere else in Europe bar Sweden.

Below we have gathered the list of the best VC Investors in Zurich.


Lakestar is a venture capital firm investing in technology companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs.


Founded: 2012

Latest fund size: €426M (2019)

Notable Investments: Skype, Spotify, Facebook, Airbnb

2-Mountain Partners

Mountain Partners is a globally operating company builder that invests in technology companies.


Founded: 2005

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Rocket Internet, Clovia, Identiv, Tillhub, TrueHome, Bluesmart, Glamit


Redalpine is one of the leading European early-stage VCs, with a focus on highly-scalable ICT and Health Tech start-ups.


Founded: 2007

Latest fund size: CHF150M (2021)

Notable Investments: Finiata, JUNIQE, bexio, Knip, Car Throttle, Givve, Veeseo

4-Swisscom Ventures

Swisscom Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Swisscom, that specializes in early stage tech investments.


Founded: 2005

Latest fund size: CHF200M (2018)

Notable Investments: Fastly, Evolva, Bring!, bexio

5-Blue Horizon Corporation

Blue Horizon is an investment firm that invests in companies and businesses in the agriculture and food processing sector.


Founded: 2016

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: SunFed, Planetary, California Cultured, Change Foods, BIOMILQ


Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) connects smart money investors to Swiss seed and early-stage tech startups.


Founded: 2014

Latest fund size:

Notable Investments: CodeCheck, TestingTime, Carbon Delta, WeAVR

7-Nextech Invest

Nextech Invest is a venture capital and private equity firm specializing in early, mid stage and late stage, and emerging growth.


Founded: 1998

Latest fund size: $64M

Notable Investments: EQRx, C4 Therapeutics, Blueprint Medicines, Arvinas, Jounce Therapeutics

8-BB Biotech Ventures

BB BIOTECH VENTURES is a healthcare-dedicated venture capital fund, focused on companies that develop and market drugs and medical devices.


Founded: 1993

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Moderna Therapeutics, Molecular Partners, Radius Health, BioXell, TargeGen

9-Wingman Ventures

Wingman Ventures is Switzerland’s leading pre-seed fund backing tech founder teams with the potential to become global market leaders.


Founded: 2016

Latest fund size: $83M

Notable Investments: Bring!, Insightness

10-Aravis Ventures

Aravis Ventures is a private equity firm that invests in renewable energy and life sciences sector.


Founded: 2001

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Ambrx, Omeros, Evolva, Telormedix, Ikaria

Other VC Investors in Zurich:

SchindlerAM Ventures

EquityPitcher Ventures

Planven Entrepreneur Ventures

Technology Fund

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