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September 14, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Rome

Narine Davtyan
Entrepreneur in Residence
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Being the centre of Italy, Rome provides great support and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs seeking to start up something of their own. Below is the list of best VC investors in the city.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for Milan and Italy.

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Top VC Investors in Rome

1-Pi Campus

Pi Campus - VC Investor in Rome

Pi Campus is both a startup district and a venture fund investing in talents. They provide money in Seed and Pre-seed rounds to support the development of startups.


Founded: 2007

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Cambridge Cancer Genomics, lvl5, Revenue Assistant, Oberlo, Memopal, Glamoo

2-CDP Venture Capital

CDP - VC Investor in Rome

CDP Venture Capital aims to make venture capital a cornerstone of the country's economic development and innovation creating the conditions for an overall and sustainable growth of the venture capital ecosystem.


Founded: -

Latest fund size: €180M (2021)

Notable Investments: BeSafe Group, Insoore, Qapla’Srl, Open Impact Fund, LailaTech, Buzzoole, Neuron Guard, Diadem, EasyPol

3-Invitalia Ventures

Invitalia Ventures - VC Investor in Rome

Invitalia Ventures co-invests up to a maximum of 70% in round A (€ 0.5M - € 1.5M) in high growth sectors. Invitalia Ventures, with its network of co-investors not only provides risk capital, but also know-how and a network for business development.


Founded: 2015

Latest fund size: €87M (2017)

Notable Investments: Mindesk, Codemotion, Kither Biotech, D-orbit, 2hire, BigProfiles

4-Lazio Innova

Lazio - VC Investor in Rome

The firm provides services in areas such as credit support and guarantees, interventions in risk capital, internationalization services, promotion of business networks and services for the creation and enterprise development.


Founded: -

Latest fund size: €22.8M (2018)

Notable Investments: Crest Optics

5-Eni Next


Eni - VC Investor in Rome

Eni Next LLC has been recently established as the venture investing arm of Eni Group. It aims to be a key role in Eni's open innovation strategy towards energy transition through investing in startups with disruptive technologies. Its focus investment areas include Clean-Tech, Industrials, Digital technologies, Magnetic Fusion, and others.


Founded: 1956

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Form Energy, Commonwealth Fusion, C-Zero Thiozen, PASQAL

6-META Investments

META Investments - VC Investor in Rome

META Investment is the investment platform of META Group. META Investment is an international fund manager specialized in early stage, high-growth companies.


Founded: 2005

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Dialog, GreenBone Ortho, Manfing

7-Fondo Italiano per l'Efficienza Energetica

Fondo Italiano per l'Efficienza Energetica - VC Investor in Rome

The Italian Energy Efficiency Fund - FIEE - is an equity fund dedicated to financing energy efficiency projects in partnership with energy service companies, with an attractive return on investment and low volatility.


Founded: 2014

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Cremonesi

8-LVenture Group

LVenture - VC Investor in Rome

LVenture Group is a seed-stage micro venture capital firm and accelerator. Typically invests in tech companies in sectors like Digital Technologies. Usually invests up to $250K in companies.


Founded: 2013

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: : Dynamitick, Qurami, Yakkyo

9-Lumen Ventures

Lumen Ventures - VC Investor in Rome


Lumen Ventures provides sector and geography agnostic investments in early-stage startups.


Founded: 2018

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Macai, DCJ Global Wealth Management, The Basket Company


A15 - VC Investor in Rome

A15 focuses on sectors like digital products, Enterprise Applications and technology brands.


Founded: 1996

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Shezlong, Tutorama, MENA Commerce, Mumm

Other VC firms in Rome:

Digital Magics


Intesa Sanpaolo


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