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May 12, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Dublin

Narine Davtyan
Entrepreneur in Residence
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Dublin's startup ecosystem has a reputation for being diverse, welcoming and accessible. In fact, Ireland and Dublin consistently rank well in the various startup ecosystem rankings that are released each year. If you are seeking investments for your startup in this city, this post is for you.

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Top VC Investors in Dublin

1-Act Venture Capital

Act Venture Capita - VC Investor in Dublin


Technology-focused, investing capital and expertise to fuel growth in the most promising ideas and companies. They look for companies with potentially cutting-edge, category-defining businesses in markets including application software, IT infrastructure, communications, Internet and mobile.


Founded: 1994

Latest fund size: €100M (2017)

Notable Investments: SilverCloud Health, DecaWave, Digit Game Studios, Soundwave, Trustev, SkillPages, Altocloud, FeedHenry

2-Atlantic Bridge

Atlantic Brindge - VC Investor in Dublin

They focus on Middle Market Technology investments across Europe, with a strong emphasis on a transatlantic business building and investment exit model. The prioritize growth-stage companies, specifically in sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Computer Visioning, IoT, Big Data, etc.


Founded: 2005

Latest fund size: €80M (2021)

Notable Investments: 3D Robotics, Hedvig, BlueData Software, HyperGrid, FieldAware, Nuvia

3-Delta Partners

Delta Partners - VC Investor in Dublin

Delta Partners is a venture capital firm focused on investments in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It has a strong focus on investing in early-stage technology companies, and the team has made over 50 investments in the information technology, communications, and healthcare sectors.


Founded: 1994

Latest fund size: €70M (2022)

Notable Investments: Profitero, STARZ PLAY, iflix, Boxever, StitcherAds, Neuravi, SpineGuard

4-Two Culture Capital

Two Culture Capital - VC Investor in Dublin


Two Culture Capital invests in the art and science of entrepreneurship.


Founded: -

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Robinhood, UiPath, CoverWallet, Impraise, Kimono Labs, Lomotif

5-Fountain Healthcare Partners

Fountain Healthcare - VC Investor in Dublin

Fountain Healthcare Partners is an Irish-based life science venture capital fund. Fountain is exclusively focused on the life science


Founded: 2008

Latest fund size: €125M (2019)

Notable Investments: Amarin, Mainstay Medical, Neuravi, Syndesi Therapeutics

6-Elkstone Capital Partners

Elkstone Capital - VC Investor in Dublin

Elkstone Capital Partners is a multi-family office focused on venture, real estate and wealth management.


Founded: 2011

Latest fund size: 2022

Notable Investments: optioPay, Jobbio, reBuy, Health Beacon, Catapult


Tribal.VC - VC Investor in Dublin

Tribal is a privately funded venture investor that backs mission driven entrepreneurs building the future of software. They typically lead or co-lead 4-6 new investments per year, investing between $200,000 and $2M, and specialize in SaaS, for both enterprise and SMB.


Founded: 2013

Latest fund size: $10M (2014)

Notable Investments: Boxever, PageFair, Barricade IO

8-The Yield Lab Europe

The Yield Lab - VC Investor in Dublin

Yield Lab Europe is the leading funder of early stage Agri Food and Ag Tech companies that revolutionise agriculture and food systems.


Founded: 2016

Latest fund size: €50M (2021)

Notable Investments: ImpactVision, MicroSynbiotiX

9-4th Level Ventures

They are focused exclusively on investing in companies whose Intellectual Property arises from third level education institutional research. They are sector neutral, the expertise lies in the commercialisation of technology.


Founded: 2002

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Powervation, Pixalert, PXIT, Allegro Technologies

10-Lucey Fund

Lucey Fund invest in entrepreneurs who understand their industry, but who have not done technology before.


Founded: 2011

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Pixalert, MindUnit

Other VC Investors in Dublin

Business Venture Partners

Development Capital

NCB Ventures

COSIMO Ventures


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