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August 29, 2022

Top 9 VC Investors in Cologne

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Cologne, the fourth largest metropolitan region in Germany, is not just one of the most cultural cities but also one of the most business-friendly locations in Germany. As one fifth of the national GDP is generated here, a strong investment scene has developed. So, what is important for investors to know about this city?

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Cologne

1. Capnamic Ventures

Capnamic Ventures VC - Cologne

Capnamic is a venture capital firm from Berlin/Cologne doing early-stage investments in outstanding teams in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

The team’s expertise includes 70+ investments, 30+ successful trade sales and 13+ IPOs as well as broad professional experience across various industries and functions. Capnamic unitesinstitutional and corporate investors thus offering its portfolio companies a unique network of sparring partners and customers.

The firm’s general partners are Jörg Binnenbrücker, Olaf Jacobi, and Christian Siegele.


Founded: 2012

Total fund size: €384M

Capnamic Ventures's most notable exits include Adjust, Mediakraft Networks, and COBI.

2. coparion

coparion VC - Cologne

Coparion provides venture capital to accelerate momentum and growth. With a currently active fund of EUR 275 million, Coparion has the means to do so.

Coparion supports entrepreneurial vision with know-how, but without intervening in daily business operations. Thanks to in-depth experience in venture capital and in building companies, the Coparionteam discerns potential and opens up new perspectives. Coparion has the substance, tenacity, and creativity required to mutually manage difficult situations successfully.

Coparion only invests with co-investors. The fund invests up to EUR 15M per company, usually in several financing rounds of EUR 0.5-8M each. The investment focus is on German companies in the start-up and early growth phases. Coparion is based in Cologne and Berlin.


Founded: 2016

Total fund size: €275M

coparion's most notable exits include Twenty Billion Neurons, gridX, and FastBill.

3. Media Ventures

Media Ventures VC - Cologne

Media Ventures is an private venture capital company headquartered in Cologne, Germany. In their search for teams and ideas, they provide help at all stages, from start-up to growth, all the way until a company reaches maturity. they concentrate on Europe, with an emphasis on Germany, and have a broad market focus that is not industry-dependent.The package of services they offer is unique.


Founded: 2000

Media Ventures's most notable exits include Make.TV, Spontacts, and sevenload.

4. BitStone Capital

BitStone Capital VC - Cologne

BitStone Capital is an internationally operating company builder and investor who selectively invests in innovative digital Real Estate and Construction business models, and also accelerates their growth with own resources. BitStone supports young companies with its outstanding network, excellent industry know-how and broad expertise in newtechnologies - from product development through market entry to successful rollout.


Founded: 2017

5. STS Ventures

STS Ventures VC - Cologne

STS Ventures is a Cologne-based industry agnostic early-stage investor. We typically invest in firms headquartered in the DACH region. A typical initial investment ranges from €200k - €500k with up to a total of €5 million per company through follow-up investments. To help build a strong foundation, we prefer to be amongst the first investors.


Founded: 2013

STS Ventures's most notable exits include Talentspace and Carsale24.

6. Venista Ventures

Venista Ventures VC - Cologne

Venista Ventures is a Cologne, Germany-based pre-seed investor backing tech-driven enterprise and consumer startups. As part of our investment strategy, we invest in outstanding teams based in Western Europe & the Nordics.


Founded: 2004

Venista Ventures's most notable exits include Datapine, stylemarks, and Qverse.

8. TS Ventures GmbH

TS Ventures GmbH VC - Cologne

Tim Schumacher: In 2001, Tim Schumacher co-founded, the world's largest domain market place. Since selling the company, Tim is active as an entrepreneur and/or investor in various startups. In 2020, Tim has been awarded as best investor in Germany by the German Startup Association. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board atEyeo (makers of AdBlock Plus) and co-founder of SaaS.Group, a Software as a Service portfolio company. Stephan Jacquemot: Stephan has a very successful and long standing career in supporting outstanding entrepreneurs in various roles. He has led the startup units at Microsoft in Germany and Europe and was co-founder of the Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin. Since 2016, he is an active investor with a portfolio of 15 angel investments. Besides his role at TS Ventures he serves as Director Founders Education at the Founders Foundation established by the Bertelsmann Foundation.


Founded: 2012

9. VC - Cologne is a venture capital firm in early stage and later stage investments


Founded: 2014

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