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August 29, 2022

Top 4 VC Investors in Lyon

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Lyon, the capital of France's Rhone-Alpes region, is a center for innovation. It is located at the heart of France's Media and Internet industries. In this article you will find some of the most important Venture Capital Investors in Lyon.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the ranking for Paris.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Lyon

1. Evolem Start

Evolem Start VC - Lyon

Evolem is an evergreen fund sponsored by an entrepreneur with net worth > 850m€ (Bruno Rousset, Founder of April, listed insurance broker with 1B€ market cap). No external LP's, quick process and no exit deadline. We invest from 100k to 3M€ in french startup raising 500k€ to 10M€.


Evolem Start's most notable exits include Kalray, Fluo, and Amoeba.

2. Merieux Developpement

Merieux Developpement VC - Lyon

Mérieux Dévelopement is specialized in Growth and Venture capital transactions in the healthcare and nutrition sectors. We support companies with products or services offering true differentiation and capacity to create substantial value over the long term. Our investment team, based in Europe and North America, brings its expertise and international network to help entrepreneurs disrupt and grasp substantial market opportunities. Mérieux Développement is an affiliate of Institut Mérieux, which employs approximately 17,000 employees worldwide, with consolidated revenues exceeding 2.5 billion Euros in 2017.


Founded: 2009

Merieux Developpement's most notable exits include Twist Bioscience, Xeris Pharmaceuticals, and Ivantis.

3. Hi Inov - Dentressangle

Hi Inov - Dentressangle VC - Lyon

Hi inov is a regulated Venture capital management company dedicated to early stage investment in B2B digital start-ups. We have €165M under management. They are 7 investors based in Paris, Lyon and Munich and also have an operating team.

Hi Inov supports young and innovative digital BtoB companies from their very beginnings, and stimulates their long-term growth to help them become tomorrow’s leading companies.


Founded: 2013

Total fund size: €1M

Hi Inov - Dentressangle's most notable exits include, Per Angusta, and Limonetik.

4. Holnest

Holnest VC - Lyon

Holnest is a venture capital firm.


Founded: 1983

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