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June 20, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Sydney

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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If you're a startup company in the Sydney area and are seeking to start a new venture, it's obvious that you'll need some funding. There are certainly many options out there that are accessible and appropriate for different types of startups and companies. One of the more traditional ways to go about this is seeking funding from venture capitalists; providing capital for startups. If you're looking for venture capital investments in Sydney, here is a list of Top 10 Venture Capital Investors that are based in Sydney.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the ranking for Australia.

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Top 10 VC Investors in Sydney

1. Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures - VC - Sydney

Blackbird is a venture capital firm whose mission is to invest in wild hearts, with the wildest ideas, right at the beginning. We do this by raising venture capital funds, investing in the best startup companies and helping them succeed. We have a portfolio worth over $10B of more than 90 companies, including some of the most successful Australian and New Zealand startups such as Canva, Zoox, SafetyCulture and Culture Amp.


Founded: 2012

Total fund size: $791M

Blackbird Ventures's most notable exits include Redbubble, Zoox, and LIFX.

2. Investible

Investible - VC - Sydney

Investible matches the world's brightest founders with the smartest capital, using our unique investor and business-development IP to identify, cultivate, invest and support startups. We invest early and support actively, with a framework that enables high-potential founders to realise their vision.


Founded: 2014

Total fund size: A$174M

Investible's most notable exits include Freelancer Technology, Wisr, and Brandscreen.

3. Reinventure

Reinventure - VC - Sydney

Reinventure exists at the third horizon of growth, focused on creating options in future businesses through venture investment and a strategic relationship with our largest limited partner, Westpac Banking Corporation. With $150m to invest in FinTech and adjacent areas, we are uncovering, investing in and nurturing scalable early businesses that will be the future of the industry.


Founded: 2014

Total fund size: $150M

Reinventure's most notable exits include Coinbase, SocietyOne, and Hmlet.

4. Clinton Capital Partners

Clinton Capital Partners - VC - Sydney

Clinton Capital Partners is a VC advisory business that specialises in raising capital and growing shareholder returns, for early stage companies and their investors Clinton Capital Partners has a long and established track record of raising capital, growing companies, conducting mergers, creating liquidity events, and ultimately delivering shareholder returns for early stage companies and their investors. Our company motto "Yesterday's Principles for Tomorrow's Companies" has formed our investment thesis - honour, integrity, humility. We pride ourselves on the quality of companies we partner with, the quality of our investor community, and ultimately, our investment performance.


Founded: 2015

Clinton Capital Partners has had 1 exit, which was Sine Group.

5. OneVentures

OneVentures - VC - Sydney

We are one of Australia’s leading venture capital firms, with over $500 million in funds under management. But we do more than invest. We work with companies to take them to that all important next stage, by actively shaping their future. We apply our years of experience, expertise, operational and executional excellence to accelerate their growth and launch them into global markets. And we’re now looking for new opportunities in the healthcare and technology sectors. Companies like those already in our portfolio with truly innovative products tackling multi-billion-dollar world problems, from needle-free vaccinations to next-generation learning technologies to virtual communications. Game-changers, that deliver lasting gains.


Founded: 2006

Total fund size: A$645M

OneVentures's most notable exits include OVO, Incoming Media, and Smart Sparrow.

6. Right Click Capital

Right Click Capital - VC - Sydney

We back bold and visionary tech. founders in Australia and New Zealand. As you take your early steps, we provide pre-seed and seed capital, guidance, influence and connections you need to make your industry-defining startup highly attractive for the next stage. We believe investment is so much more than early capital. It’s about laying firm foundations, so you and your startup grow with a speed and confidence that results in a more productive and connected world.


Founded: 2003

Right Click Capital's most notable exits include Oneflare, hipages, and TrademarkVision.

7. CP Ventures

CP Ventures - VC - Sydney

CP Ventures is a boutique VC fund that’s run by Emlyn Scott and Chris Sang, that invests internationally in early stage, highly scalable, breakthrough technology companies driven by the 4th industrial revolution.


Founded: 2018

CP Ventures has had 1 exit, which was Spiral Genetics.

8. Main Sequence Ventures

Main Sequence Ventures - VC - Sydney

Main Sequence Ventures invests in ambitious founders creating the next set of global industries leveraging deep tech or frontier technologies. The firm is backed by the Australian National Science Agency, CSIRO, the Australian Federal Government, and private investors


Founded: 2017

Total fund size: A$490M

9. Equity Venture Partners

Equity Venture Partners - VC - Sydney

As early-stage investors, we look for founders with the vision and tenacity to build groundbreaking companies. The founders we back are industry insiders – they have a deep understanding and unique perspective of the problem they’re solving. We look for best in class early metrics, an engaged customer base, and strong revenue growth. We play an active role in all our investments. We typically invest in no more than 10 companies each year, ensuring that we have the focus and bandwidth to provide meaningful ongoing support.


Founded: 2014

Total fund size: A$110M

Equity Venture Partners has had 1 exit, which was UrbanYou.

10. Skip Capital

Skip Capital - VC -Sydney

Skip Capital is a private investment fund with a passion for transformation and technology. We invest in high growth technology companies. We love to back phenomenal teams with unique experience, and a passion for solving a big problem We also invest in future-aware infrastructure projects in areas like wind, solar, waste processing, recycling, food and data infrastructure We are a long term investor and invest at any stage from seed to late stage


Founded: 2018

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