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November 6, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in South Africa

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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In South Africa, venture capital is typically provided through investment funds that specialize in a specific industry or business sector, and thus are able to offer strong domain knowledge and a unique perspective for the benefit of their portfolio companies.

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in South Africa

1. Prosus Ventures

Prosus Ventures-VC- South Africa

Prosus Ventures (formerly Naspers Ventures) is the venture investing arm of Prosus - a global consumer internet group and large global technology investor.


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: E-Commerce, Financial Services and Information Technology.

Number of Investments: 73

Exits: 3

Prosus Ventures's most notable exits include Wolt, Codecademy, and

2. AlphaCode Club

AlphaCode is a club for next generation financial Services entrepreneurs. They are building a world-class financial Services eco-system that brings together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, industry experts, thought leaders and partner organisations. By connecting, sharing knowledge and developing unique insights, AlphaCode aims to transform thefinancial Services industry.


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: Financial Services, FinTech and Financial.

Number of Investments: 25

Exits: 1


HAVAÍC-VC- South Africa

HAVAÍC is an investment and advisory firm that specialises in early-stage, high-growth African businesses with proven concepts and global prospects, offering investment opportunities to sophisticated investors and international venture capital companies with an interest in Africa. As a complementary offering, HAVAÍC provides corporate advisory and capital raising Services to emerging, internationally scalable businesses.


Founded: 2016

Top Industries active in: Health Care, Financial Services and Software.

Number of Investments: 21

4. Grindstone Ventures

Grindstone Ventures-VC- South Africa

Grindstone is a structured entrepreneurship development program that assists high-growth innovation-driven companies to get the fundamental building blocks in place to scale quickly, become sustainable and/or fundable.


Founded: 2013

Top Industries active in: Information Technology, Software and Information Services.

Number of Investments: 21

5. Newtown Partners

Newtown Partners-VC- South Africa

Newtown Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm that actively invests in emerging, disruptive technology startup businesses. Founded and run by internationally successful entrepreneurs, Vinny Lingham and Llew Claasen, Newtown Partners has an entrepreneurial focus that goes beyond investment. The team operates out of offices in Cape Town,South Africa and Sunnyvale, California (Silicon Valley).The firm has a strong track record of investing in successful technology startups at the forefront of innovation and has successfully invested in and nurtured a number of early-stage companies from ideation to market-leading businesses. Newtown Partners has a strong executive team with a proven track record in technology entrepreneurship. The team has successfully launched, grown and sold technology startup businesses as entrepreneurs themselves and know what is required to succeed locally and internationally.


Founded: 2014

Top Industries active in: Logistics, Health Care, and Supply Chain Management.

Number of Investments: 19

6. Silvertree Internet Holdings

Silvertree Internet Holdings-VC- South Africa

Silvertree Internet Holdings uses tech to reach African consumers. We are a holding and operating company, based in South Africa, that conceives, launches, operates and invests in early- and mid-stage companies targeting the South African and Sub-Saharan African markets. We like business models that are simple or proven, with clear revenue streams, that take advantage of the mobile and Internet future, and that target growing markets and industries. Our operating brands and companies are organised into verticals by business model (click for more). We seek large, growing but inefficient verticals, and use tech to leapfrog old ways of reaching consumers. We focus on capital efficiency and operational discipline. Our brands are growing rapidly, but we also continue to build new businesses, and to invest into and acquire existing companies. Through operational synergies and sharing best practices, we are stronger than a simple sum of parts.


Founded: 2013

Top Industries active in: E-Commerce Food & Beverage and Supply Chain Management.

Number of Investments: 14

Exits: 3

7. Sekunjalo Group

Sekunjalo Group-VC- South Africa

The Sekunjalo Group is a collation of companies and investments and funds. It is self-funding, capital-intensive, and strategic in its investments.


Founded: 1998

Top Industries active in: Media and Entertainment, Software and Information Technology.

Number of Investments: 13

Exits: 4

Sekunjalo Group's most notable exits include BT, Saab, and Pioneer Foods.

8. Mineworkers Investment

Mineworkers Investment-VC- South Africa

The Mineworker’s Investment Company (MIC) is a 100% black owned broad-based investment holding company that was established by the Mineworkers Investment Trust (MIT) to provide ongoing funding for the Trust’s social and educational projects. With a foundation cemented in South African soil since 1995, we invest in companies of all sizes and across various sectors, including financial Services, health, leisure, business Services, industrials and media. However, our investment does not end there.


Founded: 1995

Top Industries active in: Service Industry, Recycling and Fleet management.

Number of Investments: 13

Exits: 4

Mineworkers Investment's most notable exits include Tracker Connect, FirstRand Limited, and Metrofil.

9. Old Mutual Investment Group

Old Mutual Investment Group-VC- South Africa

Investing with the Old Mutual Investment Group means that, as the largest Africa-domiciled asset manager, you get access to the depth and reach of its unparalleled range of listed and unlisted multi-specialist investment capabilities. Based on this, and our 169-year heritage, our customers have entrusted us with R562bn to manage on their behalf.


Founded: 1845

Top Industries active in: Retail, Financial Services and Food Processing.

Number of Investments: 12

Exits: 7

Old Mutual Investment Group's most notable exits include Pepkor, Metcash, and In2Food.

10. Alphawave Group

Alphawave Group-VC- South Africa

Alphawave is an established technology investment group, enabling the best in their field to build successful businesses. The Group has a unique approach to investment, focused on aligning and supporting the right people to find commercial ideas based on their individual field of expertise. Profits and experience are shared from the profitable businesses to grow the incubation and scaling businesses. The Group has a track record of expanding internationally, with over 50% of companies selling abroad. The portfolio comprises of 16 innovative tech businesses, over 375 employees and more than 175 engineers and developers.


Founded: 1995

Top Industries active in: Software, Mobile Apps Machine Learning.

Number of Investments: 11

Exits: 2

Alphawave Group's most notable exits include Grapevine and EMSS.

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