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September 14, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Shenzhen

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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The city of Shenzhen is a fascinating place. Most people know that the city houses the factories that build China's world-renowned electronics, but did you also know that it also has China's third largest stock market? Fast growing Shenzhen is also home to numerous early-stage startups and several venture capitalists who support Chinese entrepreneurs. Now, many of those VCs have closed their Hong Kong operations and moved their headquarters to Shenzhen, so let's take a look at those who are leading the pack in Hong Kong.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for Shanghai and Beijing.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Shenzhen


1. Shenzhen Capital Group

Shenzhen Capital Group-VC-Shenzhen

Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd (“SCGC”) is a limited venture capital company established by Shenzhen Government in 1999. Since its establishment, SCGC has focused on cultivating national industries, shaping national brands, promoting economic transformation and emerging industries developing. SCGC has registered capital of 5.42 billion RMB, and total AUM of 338.99 billion RMB.

SCGC primarily invests in SMEs, innovative high-tech enterprises, enterprises in emerging industries, and enterprises in start-up period, growth period and in transformation, covering industries supported by national policies, including IT, internet, new media, biopharma, new energy, environmental protection, chemical engineering, new material, high-end equipment manufacturing, consumption goods, modern service, etc. By the end of April 2019, SCGC ranked the first based of the number of portfolio companies and the number of listed portfolio companies: 994 portfolio companies, investments totaling 43.9 billion RMB, 145 of which have been listed in 16 capital markets worldwide.


Founded: 1999

Total fund size: $651.9M

Shenzhen Capital Group's most notable exits include Innoviz Technologies, Jinko Solar, and BGI Group.


2. Oriental Fortune Capital

Oriental Fortune Capital-VC-Shenzhen

Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Co Ltd. is a venture capital firm specializing investment in early venture, mid venture, late venture, emerging growth, Pre-IPO, mature, growth capital stage, mezzanine and new third board investments. The firm typically invests in financial services, telecommunication, new energy, consumer goods, medical treatment and healthcare, life sciences, internet plus healthy lifestyle industry, logistics, energy technology, information technology, mobile innovation, media, movies and television, culture, pharmaceutical, biological medicine, renewable energy, retail, environmental protection business, consumption, new materials, new agriculture, advanced manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, culture, entertainment, and services.


Founded: 2007

Total fund size: $100M

Oriental Fortune Capital's most notable exits include HOOSUN, Weimob, and Tuya.


3. Fortune Venture Capital

Fortune Venture Capital-VC-Shenzhen

Fortune Capital, established in April, 2000, is one of the earliest market-oriented venture capital firms in China. For the past 14 years, Fortune Capital focus its investments on leading companies in four key sectors: TMT (Media oriented), Consumer Goods/Services, Modern Agriculture and Clean Tech.

Fortune Capital is ranked among the highest performing VC/PE firms in China and selected as "Vice President of Venture Capital Committee of IAC," "Vice President of Shenzhen VC Association," "Vice President of Shenzhen Chamber of International Investment & Funding," etc.

In addition to providing capitals, Fortune Capital provides its investee companies with personalized value-added services.


Founded: 2000

Total fund size: $1.7B

Fortune Venture Capital's most notable exits include Aihuishou, Dingdong Maicai, and Zhangmen.


4. Green Pine Capital Partners

Green Pine Capital Partners-VC-Shenzhen

Shenzhen Green Pine Capital Partners Co. Ltd. (“GPCP”) was established in 2007, with the investment team assembled in 2000. GPCP is one of the most time-honored Chinese VC companies that boast experience in areas such as biotech, new materials, new resources and AI, etc. Currently, GPCP manages assets over 15 billion RMB through 21 special funds and have invested 7 billion RMB into 388 enterprises among which 14 are listed on NEEQ and 48 of them are either listed or acquired by listed companies, including BGI(300676.SZ), Aurora(600666.SH), Nationz Tech(300077.SZ), Foresee(002530.SZ), Qudian(NASDAQ:QD), etc. GPCP invested in the angel round of BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute), Royole, Kuang-Chi, Appotronics, BMF, C-one, Arrayed Materials and other star enterprises.

GPCP is based in Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. GPCP also runs two GPI incubators and an incubator for overseas Chinese scientists who start businesses in China.


Founded: 2000

Total fund size: CN„2.5B

Green Pine Capital Partners's most notable exits include Holyblade Network, Diyibo Network Tech, and Anruan Keji.


5. QF Capital

QF Capital-VC-Shenzhen

QF Capital is a fund management company that focuses on private equity investments.


Founded: 2013

QF Capital's most notable exits include Pop Mart,, and MeWe media.

6. Tengxun Touzi


Tengxun Touzi is a investment firm.


Founded: 2011

Total fund size:

Tengxun Touzi's most notable exits include Koolearn, Archosaur Games (Zulong Entertainment), and Dazhong Dianping.


7. Tiantu Capital

Tiantu Capital-VC-Shenzhen

Tiantu Capital is a venture capital association.


Founded: 2002

Total fund size: $234.7M

Tiantu Capital's most notable exits include Aihuishou, 51 Credit Card Manager, and LenzTech.


8. Qingsong Fund

Qingsong Fund-VC-Shenzhen

Founded in June 2012 by Liu Xiaosong, Dong Zhanbin, and Su Wei, three Internet and investment circle veterans, Qingsong Fund is an early venture capital firm specializing in investment in education, social networking, consumerism, innovation, technology and applications. It manages four RMB funds with a total value of about RMB 2 billion. So far,it has invested in more than 140 companies, including 1 to 1 head, 1 DaDa English, squirrel AI, onion mathematics, wedding calendar, werewolf killing, flystep technology, Home Facial. Pro and other star projects - 50% exit project returns more than 60 times, multiple project valuation multiples increased nearly 200 times, and educational projects have an average annual value increase of 500%. Among them, the Qingsong Smart Fund, which was newly established in 2018, focuses on the underlying technologies of the underlying AI and Smart Connect, as well as investment in such areas as smart healthcare, enterprise services and intelligent transportation applications. Liu Xiaosong, founding partner of Qingsong Fund, is a Ph.D. student at Tsinghua University. He invested in Tencent in 1999 and has a return on investment of tens of thousands of times. In 2000, he founded A8 New Media Group, which was successfully listed on the main board in Hong Kong in 2008. In 2015, he hatched in November 2018. Listed in Hong Kong stocks in the year. As a leading early investment institution in China, Qingsong Fund and its founding partners have repeatedly won Top 10 of Zero2IPO China's early investment institutions/investors, Top 10 of China's education sector, Top100 of Chinese investors, and China's best early venture capital investment. Institutional/Investor Top 10; 36æ°Ș China's new entertainment sector investment institutions Top10, online education sector investment institutions/investors Top10 and other mainstream awards.


Founded: 2012

Total fund size: CN„2.2B

Qingsong Fund's most notable exits include Zhangmen, RecBio, and HRG Technology.


9. Share Capital


Share Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in seed, start-up, early, middle, growth capital, and Pre-IPO investments. it primarily invests in big living, medical healthcare, and internet innovation. In medical healthcare, it seeks to invests in pharmaceuticals, innovative equipment, biotechnology, diagnostic testing equipment and reagents, anti-infectives, drug discovery, medical health service, mobile medical services, and informatization.


Share Capital's most notable exits include Genetron Health, Keeson Technology, and CHINA DRAGON SECURITIES.


10. Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Portfolio Companies

Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Portfolio Companies-VC-Shenzhen

Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management CO. LTD.(GZVCM) was founded on 21st of December 2015, currently being entrusted to manage the first entity fund of Small Medium Enterprises Development FundSHENZHENLLP with a size of 6 Billion Yuan.

Guozhong Venture Capital with a registered size of 100 million Yuan, partners consisting Shenzhen Venture capital group (49%) and the management team of Small Medium Enterprise Development Fund (SHENZHEN) (51%).


Founded: 2015

Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management's most notable exits include Remegen, Asieris Pharmaceuticals, and Meten.

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