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August 29, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Seattle

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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We all want to get money from successful investors, but who are these people and how do we get their money? Here's a list of the most successful investors in the Seattle area. Below you'll find 10 amazing VCs whose portfolio includes some of Seattle's most well-known and successful startups.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the rankings for Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Seattle

1. Madrona Venture Group

Madrona Venture Group VC - Seattle

Madrona Venture Group they are investing in seed and early acceleration in-stage technology entrepreneurs and companies.


Founded: 1995

Total fund size: $2.2B

Madrona Venture Group's most notable exits include Accolade, Snowflake, and Smartsheet.

2. Vulcan Capital

Vulcan Capital VC - Seattle

Vulcan Capital invests across all stages of corporate development through leveraged buyouts, growth capital, distressed/turnaround, and early-stage venture capital as well as public equity value investing.

The firm's portfolio spans a range of industry sectors, including media and communications, energy and natural resources, financial and information services, technology, and life sciences.

Vulcan Capital is the private investment group of Vulcan Inc., the organization founded by Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.


Founded: 1997

Vulcan Capital's most notable exits include Flipkart, Uber, and Spotify.

3. Voyager Capital

Voyager Capital VC - Seattle

Voyager Capital is a leading Pacific Northwest venture firm providing entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and connections to build successful technology companies. Voyager leads first venture round investments in software, analytics and cloud infrastructure startups, deploying the firm's domain expertise, go-to-market and teambuilding resources help build market leaders. The firm has offices in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.


Founded: 1997

Total fund size: $475M

Voyager Capital's most notable exits include ChargePoint, Autogrid, and ClearCare.

4. Amazon Alexa Fund

Amazon Alexa Fund VC - Seattle

The Amazon Alexa Fund is Amazon’s venture capital fund investing in artificial intelligence, frontier tech, voice, robotics, and digital health across consumer and enterprise. We invest in early- to growth-stage companies globally. To learn more, visit us at


Founded: 2015

Total fund size: $200M

Amazon Alexa Fund's most notable exits include Ring, North, and Luma.

5. Fledge

Fledge VC - Seattle

Fledge is a network of business accelerators operating around the world, working with startups in every country. Our focus is on mission-driven for-profit companies, i.e. companies that are working on meaningful problems of the world, using a for-profit business model to solve those problems. Problems like poverty and hunger in emerging markets, recycling and sustainability, green energy, inequality, and more.

Each city where Fledge operates is unique. Some like Seattle seek entrepreneurs globally, working on any problem. Some like The Land Accelerator focus on specific themes in specific geographies. Some like Peru and Barcelona are in between. Then there is the Impact Startup Visa Program, which focuses on companies that want to relocate to Canada, and, which focuses on cooperative companies.

If you are running an impactful startup, we have a program that fits what you do.


Founded: 2012

Total fund size: $3M

6. Arrington XRP Capital

Arrington XRP Capital VC - Seattle

Arrington XRP Capital is a digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets. The company was founded in 2017.


Founded: 2017

Total fund size: $300M

7. Unlock Venture Partners

Unlock Venture Partners VC - Seattle

Unlock Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in seed-stage tech entrepreneurs. The firm was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.


Founded: 2017

Total fund size: $60M

Unlock Venture Partners's most notable exits include Dolly,, and Downstream.

8. Washington Research Foundation

Washington Research Foundation VC - Seattle

The Seattle-based Washington Research Foundation supports groundbreaking technology in the life sciences, information technology and physical sciences fields. By advancing brilliant research and early-stage entrepreneurs, we help to grow Washington's technology economy. WRF Capital is the seed fund branch of the Washington Research Foundation. Our mission is to help local companies and institutions manage intellectual property and business. We are one of the leading venture capitalists in the Northwest, and our financial returns are invested back into research and initiatives that support new company spinouts. We help to create a vibrant research and enterprise community.


Founded: 1981

Washington Research Foundation's most notable exits include Absci, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, and Omeros.

9. Second Avenue Partners

Second Avenue Partners VC - Seattle

Second Avenue Partners provide management, strategy and capital for early stage companies. The following companies are in their portfolio... -Rubicon Interactive -Sports Technologies Inc. -Ice Energy -Newsvine -Azaleos -You Software -Revenue Science -Insitu Group -Bocada -WaveMarket -Terabeam -Essention


Founded: 2000

Second Avenue Partners's most notable exits include Slope, Pike13, and WISErg.

10. Tola Capital

Tola Capital VC - Seattle

Founded in 2010 by ex-software operators, Tola Capital is a venture capital firm that believes in the power of software and data to transform the way the world works. Our diverse team provides hands-on engagement to founders who build solutions with the potential for long-term, transformational change. We invest globally across multiple stages and exclusively target companies led by exceptional talent who are building essential software for enterprise customers.


Founded: 2010

Total fund size: $841M

Tola Capital's most notable exits include Sitecore, Clipchamp, and InsightSquared.

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