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September 2, 2022

Top 10 VC Investors in Israel

Sina Sadegh
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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There are very few countries that know venture capital like Israel does. The country is a hub of the industry and some of the top investors have funding Israeli startups. In fact, more than 10 percent of all global venture capital investments go to Israeli start-ups. Many tech companies have been established and funded here, paving the way for the development of new, lucrative industries. This series will take a look at the top 10 VC investors in Israel today.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the ranking for Tel Aviv

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Israel

1. Pitango Venture Capital

Pitango Venture Capital -VC- Israel

Pitango Venture Capital is a $2B venture capital firm with 3 dedicated teams focused on Early Stage (Pitango First), Health-tech (Pitango Health-tech), and Growth (Pitango Growth) investments in consumer, enterprise, and healthcare startups around the world.

With offices in Israel and Silicon Valley, Pitango currently manages several venture fundstotaling over $2.4 Billion in committed capital. It has invested in more than 150 companies.


Founded: 1993

Total fund size: $2B

Pitango Venture Capital's most notable exits include ForeScout Technologies, Jinko Solar, and Zerto.

2. OurCrowd

OurCrowd -VC- Israel

OurCrowd is a venture investing platform that enables institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies. OurCrowd was started in 2013, driven by the idea that the business of building startups grows bigger and better when the global 'crowd' gains access to VC-level investment opportunities.


Founded: 2013

Total fund size: $197.5M

urCrowd's most notable exits include Rewire, Wave, and DarioHealth.

3. Viola Ventures

Viola Ventures -VC- Israel

Viola Ventures (formerly Carmel Ventures) is a venture capital firm that invests in Israeli-related early stage companies with significant ideas that can lead to transformational companies.

Founded in 2000 by Avi Zeevi and Shlomo Dovrat, Viola Ventures manages over $1.2B across six funds, and is the only Israel-based VC fund with seven investing partners solely dedicated to early-stage tech investments. This allows for unique depth and diversification that spans across a wide range of backgrounds and verticals.

With over 20-year legacy in Israel’s vibrant technology ecosystem, Viola Ventures is known for repeatedly backing global tech companies and unicorns, such as ironSource, Payoneer, Lightricks, Redis Labs, and Outbrain. The fund holds a substantial share of Israel’s significant exits, including Actimize, RedBend, ECI, Samanage, Perfecto, Tapingo, and more.

Viola Ventures invests in exceptional teams with a strong focus on AI technologies looking to transform traditional markets, the semiconductors and deeptech industries, and consumer facing products.


Founded: 2000

Total fund size: $1.3B

Viola Ventures's most notable exits include Outbrain, SundaySky, and ironSource.

4. Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) -VC- Israel

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) is a Venture Capital firm that invests in early through growth-stage companies. Since its founding in 1993 by Erel Margalit, it has raised US$1.4 billion and has invested in more than 140 companies. During this period, JVP has led dozens of exits and launched a number of listings on Nasdaq.

JVP focuses on investing in Cybersecurity, Big Data, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, Digital Health, Enterprise Software, Storage, Mobile, Media, and IoT.


Founded: 1993

Total fund size: $1.4B

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)'s most notable exits include CyberArk Software, Allot, and Altair Semiconductor.

5. Vertex Ventures Israel

Vertex Ventures Israel -VC- Israel

Over the past 22 years, we backed more than 120 Israeli tech companies and overseen more than 40 exits. We focus on early-stage companies from Seed stage to B round who aim to disrupt large markets across several categories and verticals.

From inception through growth, our team has been fortunate to work with some of Israel’s leading entrepreneurs and be an early investor in 3 of the 10 largest VC stories out of Israel in the last decade: Waze (acquired by Google for $1.3B); CyberArk (IPO, $1B+); and SolarEdge (IPO, $1B+).

In addition to Israel, the Vertex Global Network of funds is active in Silicon Valley, China, Singapore and India, providing a unique platform for our portfolio companies to realize their full potential by leveraging the combined experience and resources of our extensive network.


Founded: 1997

Total fund size: $755M

Vertex Ventures Israel's most notable exits include Innoviz Technologies, Dynamic Yield, and SolarEdge Technologies

6. Vintage Investment Partners

Vintage Investment Partners -VC- Israel

Vintage is a global venture firm that invests in venture funds and startups via primary and secondary transactions. Through its secondary strategy, the firm acquires limited partnership interests in Israeli, European, and select U.S. venture capital funds as well as holdings in technology startups. It also invests directly into growth-stage startups across all 3 geographies, alongside partner VC funds.


Founded: 2002

Total fund size: $2.8B

Vintage Investment Partners's most notable exits include, Outbrain, and SundaySky.

7. Magma Venture Partners

Magma Venture Partners -VC- Israel

Magma is Israel's leading venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in communication, semiconductors, internet and media. They seek bright ideas, infuse them with experience and foresight, and facilitate their rise as industry leaders that redefine the global communications sector.

They use their experience and sector specialization in cooperating with entrepreneurs, industry experts, and other investors to define the future of the communication, semiconductors, internet and media arenas. Their goal is to foster and enable the flow of innovation from an idea's early stages and through a company's emergence as a leader within its dynamic market. They understand the local market and help to influence the global one.


Founded: 1999

Total fund size: $274M

Magma Venture Partners's most notable exits include Innoviz Technologies, Valens Semiconductor, and Applitools.

8. Aleph

Aleph -VC- Israel

Aleph is an early stage venture capital fund focused on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. Founded in 2013, Aleph is a partnership of Michael Eisenberg, Eden Shochat, Yael Elad and Tomer Diari with $850M under management. Aleph has invested in over 50 companies (not allannounced) including Lemonade, Melio,, SparkBeyond, JoyTunes, Fabric, Freightos and Bringg.

Aleph is redefining the kind of support entrepreneurs and the local high tech community can expect from a venture capital firm. We aim to service the hell out of our entrepreneurs with high-touch, partner-level service. We built a startup within our firm - Ampliphy, the Aleph Value Generation Platform - to meet the greatest startup challenges like talent recruitment, business development and follow-on funding - at scale. Ampliphy leverages our people, network, software and resources to help companies succeed on the global stage.

The team at Aleph are committed to supporting startups and the entire Israeli tech ecosystem as they harness the power of new technologies to develop and grow transformational companies.


Founded: 2013

Total fund size: $829.6M

Aleph's most notable exits include WeWork, Lemonade, and Houseparty.

9. StageOne Ventures

StageOne Ventures -VC- Israel

StageOne leads investments in exceptional Israel-related entrepreneurs. We focus on early-stage, transformative, deep tech start-ups solving complex enterprise challenges. Committed to abiding by our 3 pillars; superb teams, market disruptions with opportunities to grow, and cutting-edge technology with high impact probability, we lead the seed round and continue backing successful portfolio companies in follow-on rounds with top tier co-investors around the globe. The firm's investment team, management and advisors’ strong global network, support its portfolio by uniquely integrating an entrepreneurial mindset with strong investor performance. It was founded in 2001 and is based in Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Founded: 2001

Total fund size: $460M

StageOne Ventures's most notable exits include Varada, Otonomo, and Epsagon.

10. Pontifax

Pontifax -VC- Israel

Pontifax is a healthcare-dedicated venture capital firm. The fund focuses on innovative bio-pharma opportunities.


Founded: 2004

Total fund size: $599.2M

Pontifax's most notable exits include 89bio, Allena Pharmaceuticals, and Mereo Biopharma.

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