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May 29, 2024

Top 10 VC Investors in Barcelona

Narine Davtyan
Entrepreneur in Residence
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Barcelona and Catalonia keep building their startup ecosystem and have earned the title of Southern Europe’s leading hub. According to the Analysis of the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub’s 2021 figures, the region is today home to 1,900 startups, a number that has increased by 11% compared to 2020 and by 26.4% compared to 2019, before the pandemic.

Barcelona is the 4th EU hub in terms of the number of investment rounds for startups. The total number from 2021 added up to 154 rounds, only behind Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

This article is part of a series where we present you the best Venture Capital firms across different cities and countries. Here you can view the ranking for Madrid and Spain.

Below is the selection of best VC firms in Barcelona.

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Top VC Investors in Barcelona

1-Caixa Capital Risc

Caixa - VC Investor in Barcelona


Caixa Capital Risc is the venture capital arm of CriteriaCaixa which invests in innovative companies in their start-up and growth stages. The company has three specialized teams in the areas of Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Industrial technologies.


Founded: 2002

Latest fund size: €20M (2016)

Notable Investments: Glovo, CornerJob, Minoryx Therapeutics, SANIFIT, PlayGiga

2-4Founders Capital

4Founders - VC Investor in Barcelona

4Founders Capital is Venture Capital fund, founded in Barcelona in 2017 investing in high growth technology companies with a clear focus on profit generation, efficient use of capital and with solid teams. They are interested in projects with solid teams, which aim to create large international companies, with a market-tested superior product or service, and a clear revenue and profit generation model. They invest anywhere from €100K in early stage investments, and typically bring co-investors to increase that amount. They do follow-ons for up to €3.5M per company over the lifetime of their investment.


Founded: 2017

Latest fund size: €50M

Notable Investments: Holded, Instamaki

3-Nina Capital

Nina Capital - VC Investor in Barcelona


Investing in need-driven founders building health tech companies with international ambitions.


Founded: 2019

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Replica Analytics

4-Antai Venture Builder

Antai - VC Investor in Barcelona

Antai Venture Builder is focused on the creation of startups under an international, online, and mobile model. Their main hallmark is their involvement in the projects, which makes them one of the best valued venture builders.


Founded: 2012

Latest fund size: €11.8M

Notable Investments: Wallapop, Masc, Glovo, ChicPlace, FancyBox, marmota

5-ICF Capital

ICF Capital - VC Investor in Barcelona

ICF Capital is a management company that invest in Catalan companies from seed to private equity stages.


Founded: 2010

Latest fund size: €50M (2019)

Notable Investments: Agile Content, Oryzon Genomics, Lleida


6-Sitka Capital

Sitka Capital - VC Investor in Barcelona


Sitka Capital is an investment vehicle focused on pre seed and seed phases. Its founders Carlos Guerrero, Jaime Garrido, and Miguel LobĂłn invest in internet, technology-based startups with high growth potential and innovative business models with a maximum of 50,000 euros. Among their investment criteria they usually give priority to scalable business models, equipment, internationalization, growth capacity and differential technological aspects.


Founded: 2013

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Iwopi, PopPlaces, iOmando

7-AldeA Ventures

aldeA - VC Investor in Barcelona


AldeA Ventures is a Barcelona-based investment platform supporting the future European tech champions. With a 360 strategy they back best-in-class entrepreneurs across Europe through commitments in MicroVCs led by next-generation managers, and company co-investments, supporting portfolio companies from our invested funds in their breakout paths with flexible capital.


Founded: 2020

Latest fund size: €90M (2021)

Notable Investments: Bipi


Finaves - VC Investor in Barcelona

Finaves is a venture capital firm specializing in seed, start-up, early venture, and mezzanine investments. The firm typically invests in new technology and Internet, although it may consider investments in all sectors. It gives priority to business projects drawn up by students and alumni of the IESE Masters’ Programs. It will invest a maximum of €300,000 in each investment. The firm takes a minority stake in the portfolio companies and seeks to take a seat on the Board of its portfolio companies. It seeks to exit its investments between four years and six years.


Founded: 2000

Latest fund size: €3M (2017)

Notable Investments: Nexenta Systems, nubelo

9-Invivo Capital Partners

Invivo - VC Investor in Barcelona


Invivo is focused on investing in early-stage companies in Healthcare sector: biotech, medical devices and e-Health.


Founded: -

Latest fund size: $44.4M (2019)

Notable Investments: minoryx, SANIFIT, ARTHEx, Gyala, Integra


VentureCap - VC Investor in Barcelona


VentureCap invests in the industrial, technology, commerce and distribution sectors.


Founded: 2000

Latest fund size: -

Notable Investments: Kompyte, Captio, 21Buttons, Hotelerum

Other VC firms in Barcelona


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