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October 1, 2022

Top 10 Logistics VC Investors

Maximilian Fleitmann
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The Logistics industry is fast-paced and constantly changing. From new technologies and innovations to the various regulations that shape the ecosystem, there is always something new to learn. If you are ready to scale your startup, consider partnering with a venture capital investor that can help you scale quickly and efficiently.

NameHQSectorStageTicket SizeFund Size
SV AngelCalifornia, United StatesApplications, Internet, IT, E-CommerceSeed, Angel$250K - $3M$153.1M
Kleiner PerkinsCalifornia, United StatesSoftware, Applications, Hardware, Developer Tools, Health Care, Enterprise, BiotechnologySeries A, Series B, Growth$5M - $25M$9.2B
LogisticsVCLos Angeles, United States----
New Enterprise AssociatesCalifornia, United StatesApplications, Developer Tools, Biotechnology, Health Care, Underrepresented, Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Marketplaces, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Lifestyle and WellnessPre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Growth$1M - $150M$19.9B
UPS VenturesAtlanta, United States-- - $100M
Plug and Play Tech CenterCalifornia, United StatesFinancial Services, Lending and InvestmentsAccelerator, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A$100K - $200K$45.5M
SOSVNew Jersey, United StatesFinancial Services, Biotechnology, Health Care, Software, Food and Beverage, ITAccelerator, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B$527M
Qualcomm VenturesCalifornia, United StatesFinancial Services, Mobile, Software, IT, InternetSeries A, Series B - $550M
Aleph VCTel Aviv, IsraelSoftware, SaaS, AI, Analytics, InfrastructureSeed, Series A, Series B - $829.6M
SoftBank Group Corp.Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea-Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Growth$1M - $50M5.2B

Top 10 Logistics Venture Capital Firms

1. SV Angel

SV Angel-VC-Logistics

SV Angel is a San Francisco-based seed fund founded by Ron Conway. SV Angel provides seed investment and advice to early stage companies focused on Internet software.

SV Angel takes a portfolio approach to seed investing. We differ from a traditional venture capital firm by not taking board seats and investing a larger number of companies. Weleverage a best in class relationship network to be the valley's human router and help startups with business development, financing, M&A and other strategic advice.

Ron pioneered this approach over 20 years ago and SV Angel still employs it today. Over the last 25 years the firm and partners have invested and advised companies such as Facebook, Google, PayPal, Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat, Square, Cloudera and many more.



Founded: 2009

Total fund size: $153.1M

Stage: Seed, Angel

Sector: Applications, Internet, IT, E-Commerce

Ticket Size: $ 250K - $ 3M

SV Angel's most notable exits include Meta, Coinbase, and Twitch.


2. Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins-VC-Logistics

Kleiner Perkins is an American venture capital firm specializing in investing in early-stage, growth, and incubation companies. The firm continues that legacy, investing in founders with bold ideas that span industries and continents, partnering with them from inception to IPO and beyond to maximize the potential of their ideas. They also focus on early computer firms using their devices and programming and service companies. It also invests in digital, life sciences, and healthcare industries.

Kleiner Perkins was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, United States.



Founded: 1972

Total fund size: $9.2B

Stage: Series A, Series B, Growth

Sector: Software, Applications, Hardware, Developer Tools, Health Care, Enterprise, Biotechnology

Ticket Size: $ 5M - $ 25M

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

Kleiner Perkins's most notable exits include Google, Figma, and Ring.


3. LogisticsVC


At Logistics Venture Capital, we invest in start-up teams developing breakthrough logistics and supply chain innovations.  Our investment strategy predicated on assisting entrepreneurs with customers and supply chain business development and providing strategy and operational support.  Logistics and supply chain is a significant yet under-served area of innovation by venture capitalists. It requires specialized knowledge of logistics, value chain, business model, global trade and finance.  At LVC, we have developed a unique value-add approach based on successfully founding, operating, acquiring, and investing in logistics and supply chain start-ups over the past 20 years.

Logistics Ventures is an angel and early-stage venture capital partnership.

Our preferred investments are in young, revenue producing companies using information technology to enhance global marketing and supply chain management. Besides capital, we bring significant entrepreneurial, operating and investment experience to help our portfolio companies be successful.




4. New Enterprise Associates

New Enterprise Associates-VC-Logistics

New Enterprise Associates, Inc. is a global venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs build transformational businesses across multiple stages, sectors, and geographies. With over $19 billion in cumulative committed capital since the firm’s founding in 1977, NEA invests in technology and healthcare companies at all stages in a company’s lifecycle, from seed stage through IPO. The firm's long track record of successful investing includes more than 210 portfolio company IPOs and more than 360 acquisitions.



Founded: 1977

Total fund size: $19.9B

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Growth

Sector: Applications, Developer Tools, Biotechnology, Health Care, Underrepresented, Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Marketplaces, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Lifestyle and Wellness

Ticket Size: $ 1M - $ 150M

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

New Enterprise Associates's most notable exits include Cloudflare, FiscalNote, and MongoDB.


5. UPS Ventures

UPS Ventures-VC-Logistics

UPS Ventures is the private equity strategic investment arm of UPS. The Fund is a corporate venture capital group which focuses on developing critical partnerships and acquiring knowledge returns from its investments in information technology companies and emerging market-spaces.



Founded: 1997

Total fund size: $100M

UPS Ventures's most notable exits include Kabbage, Fast Radius, and Deliv.


6. Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play Tech Center-VC-Logistics

Plug and Play is a seed and early-stage investor focused on great teams leading emerging growth companies. Plug and Play runs 12 industry-specific accelerator programs twice a year, that acts as a platform for major corporations and high quality startups to connect and collaborate.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Plug and Play participates in Seed, Angel and Series A funding where they often co-invest with their strategic partners. Through years of experience and as part of their network, Plug and Play has put together a world-class network of serial entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and industry leaders who actively assist the firm with its successful and growing investment portfolio.



Founded: 2006

Total fund size: $45.5M

Stage: Accelerator, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Sector: Financial Services, Lending and Investments

Ticket Size: $ 100K - $ 200K

Plug and Play's most notable exits include FiscalNote, Life360, and Honey.




SOSV is a global venture capital firm that operates early stage startup development programs which are focused on two broad areas: revolutionary technology that promises the betterment of humanity and the planet; and cross-border markets that are ripe for explosive growth.

The firm invests in a number of highly promising startups and uses its programs to advance product development, acquire customers, and scale. SOSV companies consistently achieve funding led by top tier investors. SOSV joins seed, series A, and later rounds.

As of January 2022, SOSV had more than 1,000 portfolio companies and $1.2 billion in assets under management, reflecting a 40% increase over 2020. Among the top companies in SOSV’s portfolio are NotCo, Perfect Day, Upside Foods, Yeelight, Opentrons, Shopal, Snapask, BitMEX, and API3.

SOSV’s programs include hard tech-oriented HAX and life-science driven IndieBio. Both offer deep technical and regulatory expertise on-site as well as well-equipped lab and fabrication facilities. At Chinaccelerator and MOX, market-entry and product development experts help entrepreneurs win cross-border market opportunities across Asia. SOSV’s latest program, dlab, fosters new players in blockchain.



Founded: 1994

Total fund size: $527M

Stage: Accelerator, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B

Sector: Financial Services, Biotechnology, Health Care, Software, Food and Beverage, IT

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

SOSV's most notable exits include Roadie, Leap Motion, and Motiv.


8. Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures-VC-Logistics

Qualcomm Ventures is the investment arm of Qualcomm Incorporated. Founded in 2000, Qualcomm Ventures is a corporate venture capital fund with over 150 active portfolio companies and more than 20 exits over a billion dollars, including 99 Taxis, Cruise Automation, Fitbit, Invensense, NQ Mobile, Waze and more. As a global investor, Qualcomm Ventures helps connect entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships and deep industry expertise they need to succeed in the mobile technology ecosystem.



Founded: 2000

Total fund size: $550M

Stage: Series A, Series B

Sector: Financial Services, Mobile, Software, IT, Internet

Qualcomm Ventures's most notable exits include Ring, Cloudflare, and Zoom.


9. Aleph VC

Aleph VC-VC-Logistics

Aleph is an early stage venture capital fund focused on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. Founded in 2013, Aleph is a partnership of Michael Eisenberg, Eden Shochat, Yael Elad and Tomer Diari with $850M under management. Aleph has invested in over 50 companies (not allannounced) including Lemonade, Melio,, SparkBeyond, JoyTunes, Fabric, Freightos and Bringg.

Aleph is redefining the kind of support entrepreneurs and the local high tech community can expect from a venture capital firm. We aim to service the hell out of our entrepreneurs with high-touch, partner-level service. We built a startup within our firm - Ampliphy, the Aleph Value Generation Platform - to meet the greatest startup challenges like talent recruitment, business development and follow-on funding - at scale. Ampliphy leverages our people, network, software and resources to help companies succeed on the global stage.

The team at Aleph are committed to supporting startups and the entire Israeli tech ecosystem as they harness the power of new technologies to develop and grow transformational companies.



Founded: 2013

Total fund size: $829.6M

Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Sector: Software, SaaS, AI, Analytics, Infrastructure

Aleph's most notable exits include WeWork, Lemonade, and Houseparty.


10. SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp.-VC-Logistics

SoftBank Group provides venture funding and strategic support to exceptional entrepreneurs building disruptive enduring businesses. They are a small team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who take an "active" approach to helping their companies reach their full potential. They manage $600 million across three funds and invest across a company’s lifecycle, from early to growth stages.



Founded: 1981

Total fund size: 5.2B

Sector: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Growth

Ticket Size: $ 1M - $ 50M

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