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October 11, 2022

Top 10 Incubators in New York

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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The top incubators in New York provide the space and resources that startups need to develop into mature companies. The best incubators have favorable funding opportunities, relationships with big-name investors and mentors as well as experienced staff who are experts at company development.

Top 10 Incubators in New York

1. AlleyCorp

AlleyCorp-Incubator-New York.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, AlleyCorp is both a startup studio and fund that founds companies and invests in early stage companies. AlleyCorp is exclusively focused on investing in transformational companies in New York City. Since its inception, we have launched companies that have raised over $1B+ in funding with an aggregate value of $10B+.

As a venture / idea studio, AlleyCorp originates the idea, forms the founding team, funds the initial 6-12 months, launches the company, and maintains integral leadership throughout the company's lifecycle. Some companies that have been founded through AlleyCorp include MongoDB, Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, Nomad Health, Work frame, and Co Edition.

AlleyCorp will also invest in very early stage companies usually as the first seed investor.

Moreover, we believes in supporting first time founders. Our goal is to co-create and invest in truly transformational companies with inspiring leaders.


Founded: 2007

Top Industries active in: Health Care, Software and Financial Services.

Number of Investments: 77

Exits: 5

AlleyCorp's most notable exits include The Wing, Chain, and Great Jones.

2. Bienville Capital

Bienville Capital-Incubator-New York.

Bienville is an investment advisory and asset management business managing capital on behalf of family offices and top performing institutional investors. We invest across public and private markets, crypto and venture capital, and through our partnership with Fractal we launch around 25 SaaS companies per year.


Founded: 2008

Top Industries active in: Software, Financial Services and Real Estate.

Number of Investments: 65

Exits: 7

Bienville Capital's most notable exits include Unity, Reddit, and Procore.

3. Interplay

Interplay-Incubator-New York.

Interplay is an ecosystem where ideas scale. Our mission is to accelerate humankind’s potential by streamlining the journey of the entrepreneur. We’ve built an ecosystem that supports founders in numerous ways: capital, mentorship, services and education.

Capital: We invest in high-growth technology companies via direct and secondary transactions, and high yield fund managers through our Venture Capital arm and Family Office.

Studio: We cofound and incubate companies. When we cofound a company we’re typically starting from scratch – building an idea we have. When we incubate we help other teams scale their company.

Platform: In addition to educational content, our platform also provides services - such as accounting, marketing and beyond - to more than 10% of all venture backed companies in the US.


Founded: 2012

Top Industries active in: E-Commerce, Software and Internet.

Number of Investments: 52

Exits: 4

Interplay's most notable exits include Coinbase, Warby Parker, and FlyCleaners.

4. 25madison

25madison-Incubator-New York.

25Madison is an early stage venture platform: working with entrepreneurs to build companies from the ground up in our studio and investing in Seed to Series A through our venture arm.

Collectively, the partners at 25Madison have more than 200 years of experience building and operating complex businesses, ranging from multi-national entertainment companies to advertising agencies, from consumer product companies to premier financial institutions.


Founded: 2017

Top Industries active in: Health Care, Food and Beverage and E-Commerce.

Number of Investments: 45

Exits: 2

25madison's most notable exits include Ruby and harbor.

5. Branded Hospitality Ventures

Branded Hospitality Ventures-Incubator-New York.

Branded Hospitality Ventures (BSV) is a micro venture investment and solutions platform that leverages its ecosystem of hospitality venues and deep relationships to connect HI-Tech (Hospitality Industry Technology), Emerging Concepts and Unique F&B (Food & Beverage) with capital and customers.

BSV was created to capitalize on the opportunities to invest and partner with early and growth-stage HI-Tech, Emerging Concepts and Unique F&B and other capital providers. BHV has demonstrated an ability to identify, vet and leverage its hospitality expertise & relationships to truly create and add-value as well as reduce the costs and risks associated with operating and investing without boots on the ground expertise. We present unique investment opportunities to our capital partners.


Founded: 2019

Top Industries active in: Resturants, Software and Information Technology.

Number of Investments: 42

Exits: 2

Branded Hospitality Ventures's most notable exits include Bbot and Goparrot.

6. Rose Tech Ventures

Rose Tech Ventures-Incubator-New York.

The Incubator at Rose Tech Ventures is the new Flatiron entrepreneurial tech center in the heart of Silicon Alley, NY. A fully-equipped start-up work space at the epicenter of New York’s early stage community, it overlooks the Shake Shack and is co-located with everything from New York Angels (the leading funder of early stage startups in New York) to the New York Software Industry Association.

Member of the Business Association of New York State.


Founded: 2001

Top Industries active in: Software, Mobile and SaaS.

Number of Investments: 42

Exits: 14

Rose Tech Ventures's most notable exits include LearnVest, Magnetic, and SAY Media.

7. RSE Ventures

RSE Ventures-Incubator-New York.

RSE is a private investment firm made up of builders, innovators, partners and founders who focus on companies across sports and entertainment, media and marketing, food and lifestyle, and technology.

By combining a deep understanding of a founder’s mission with the strategic resources of its network, RSE elevates businesses at in flection points. Capabilities range from real estate strategy execution to marketing campaign development, and everything in between, while the RSE family includes the Miami Dolphins, International Champions Cup, VaynerMedia, SkOUT Secure Intelligence, Momofuku, Milk Bar and &pizza.


Founded: 2012

Top Industries active in: Food and Beverage, Sports and Software.

Number of Investments: 39

Exits: 14

RSE Ventures's most notable exits include Resy, American Express Global Dining Network, NextVR, and The Action Network.

8. Michael J. Fox Foundation

Michael J. Fox Foundation-Incubator-New York.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is a trust fund and a nonprofit research firm. It focuses on finding a cure for Parkinson disease and improved therapies for those living with the condition. The firm operates through a funded and targeted research program coupled with active global engagement of scientists, Parkinson’s patients, business leaders, clinical trial participants, donors, and volunteers.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation was founded by Deborah Brooks in 2000 and is headquartered in New York.


Founded: 2000

Top Industries active in: Biotechnology, Health Care and Therapeutics.

Number of Investments: 39

Exits: 13

Michael J. Fox Foundation's most notable exits include Seelos Therapeutics, Omeros, and Amicus Therapeutics.

9. Branded Strategic Hospitality

Branded Strategic Hospitality-Incubator-New York.

Branded Strategic Hospitality is an investment and solutions company that leverages its ecosystem of hospitality venues, expertise, and deep relationships to influence, accelerate, and evolve hospitality technology (HI-Tech) and F&B innovation. Branded’s Principals and Managing Partners have worked together in the restaurant business for over25 years, including the formation of Branded Restaurants in 2007.


Founded: 2017

Top Industries active in: Software, Information Technology and Food and Beverage.

Number of Investments: 37

Exits: 1

10. Kairos

Kairos-Incubator-New York.

Kairos is a portfolio of brands across healthcare and financial services that focuses on making life simpler and more affordable for our generation. We start by identifying the toughest problems and build products to solve them.

We have built five Kairos solutions to date: Rhino replaces the security deposit, Cera provides affordable care from the comfort of the home, and Little Spoon is a modern parenthood brand to help keep your kid healthy. Bilt is the first rewards program that lets you earn points on rent. Alloy is a new kind of women's health brand. Kairos' 5 brands have a collective market cap of over $2.5bn, and we're currently financing our businesses through our venture studio fund.


Founded: 2017

Top Industries active in: Financial Services, FinTech and Real Estate.

Number of Investments: 36

Exits: 1

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