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October 11, 2022

Top 10 Incubators in Berlin

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Berlin is a fantastic place for start-ups, especially in the technology sector. However, as a newcomer to the city you may have no idea where to begin your search for a business incubator. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten incubators in Berlin. Each will help you take your business to the next level with their connections, services and support network.

Top 10 Incubators in Berlin

1. METRO Xcel

METRO Xcel-Incubator-Berlin

METRO Xcel is a highly selective sales driven program for technology-first startups across the entire value chain of Hospitality and Retail. We invest in companies who are market champions in pioneering new grounds with their unique digital solutions.

Focused on Hospitality Tech, METRO Xcel for Hospitality is for startup solutions that are aimingto digitize the Hospitality industry at each and every touch point. Startups joining the program for Hospitality have restaurants or hotels as customers. The applications for our 2019 are now open.

With a spotlight on Retail Tech, METRO Xcel is looking for startups devising solutions across the entire retail value chain and have exciting and scalable solutions for innovation in the sector. .


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: Software, Hospitality and E-Commerce.

Number of Investments: 62

Exits: 5

METRO Xcel's most notable exits include Journy, KptnCook, and GuestU.

2. FoodLabs


FoodLabs is a venture studio and investor for startups with solutions to feed ten billion people by 2050 in a sustainable and healthy way. Founded in 2016, the Berlin-based investor is one of Europe's leading venture firms for food & ag. It has supported over 20 mission-driven teams to launch their ideas and put great concepts intopractice. The portfolio covers the entire value chain - from agtech, alternative protein sources, water supply, food security, vertical farming, to food waste and carbon reduction.


Founded: 2016

Top Industries active in: Food and Beverage, Health Care and E-Commerce.

Number of Investments: 48

Exits: 1

3. Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE)

Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE)-Incubator-Berlin.

The Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) is a 6-month incubator for open data entrepreneurs across Europe. The programme is funded with a €7.8m grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and is delivered by the seven partners.

ODINE aims to support the next generation of digital businesses and support them to fast-track the development of theirproducts. They are already championing the best of European digital talent and look forward to more outstanding companies to incubate.


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: Software, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Number of Investments: 46

Exits: 3

Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE)'s most notable exits include Plume Labs, Colony, and urbanData Analytics.

4. Hubraum


Hubraum connects tech entrepreneurs and startup companies with the network, capital and business opportunities of Deutsche Telekom. For this hub:raum offers investments and also runs programs in focus fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Home, Internet of Things and Big Data. Since 2012 Hubraum has built a portfolio of more than 20investments and maintains an ecosystem of around 200 startups.


Founded: 2012

Top Industries active in: Software, Mobile and SaaS.

Number of Investments: 45

Exits: 7

Hubraum's most notable exits include Relayr, ciValue, and TEXEL.

5. The Delta

The Delta-Incubator-Berlin.

The Delta is a Venture Catalyst based in Berlin, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa. We build and invest into new ventures. Our ventures have raised more than $1bn im funding and have a value of more than $3bn.


Founded: 2018

Top Industries active in: Software, FinTech and Financial Services.

Number of Investments: 37

Exits: 1

6. Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme

Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme-Incubator-Berlin

ClimAccelerator is a global programme giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyse, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. In a global community of organisers, we run both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs. It goes beyond European borders, building a bridge between our world’s industry experts and systems to break newground in carbon reduction.


Founded: 2012

Top Industries active in: Software, Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology.

Number of Investments: 35

Exits: 2

Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme's most notable exits include HOPU Smart Cities and Ferntech.

7. Team Global

Team Global-Incubator-Berlin.

Team Global builds Internet companies. The Berlin-based incubator has international reach and a current portfolio of 10 companies it has built from scratch. The partners at Team Global have founded or invested in a number of very successful Internet companies along the way, including Spreadshirt, studiVZ, and brands4friends.


Founded: 2008

Top Industries active in: E-Commerce, Internet and Advertising.

Number of Investments: 29

Exits: 11

Team Global's most notable exits include Bird, Fyber - A Digital Turbine Company, and Mister Spex.



The IONIQ Group is an internationally active platform-builder with the mission of shaping Europe’s digital future. In pursuing this goal, IONIQ has proceeded industry by industry: in 2011, IONIQ started with the data and advertising market, building internationally successful companies like Zeotap in the process. From 2014 on, IONIQ developedEurope’s leading fintech platform, finleap. Since 2017, IONIQ is driving the digitalization of healthcare with its digital health platform Heartbeat Labs. To date, IONIQ Group has built more than 20 companies with over 1,200 employees in more than 10 locations globally. IONIQ Group was founded in 2011 as HitFox GmbH by a team including Jan Beckers, Hendrik Krawinkel and Tim Koschella.


Founded: 2011

Top Industries active in: FinTech, Internet and Marketing.

Number of Investments: 11

Exits: 2

IONIQ's most notable exits include Ad2games and appiris.

9. Heartbeat Labs

Heartbeat Labs-Incubator-Berlin

Heartbeat Labs is a healthcare company builder based in Berlin. Their agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts to launch several digital health companies per year. They provide seed funding of €0.5 to €5 million, access to a unique network of investors and operational expertise in marketing, HR, finance, regulatory affairs and more. Their team has the experience of building more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitization to industries such as financial services and advertising.


Founded: 2017

Top Industries active in: Health Care, Medical Device and Biotechnology.

Number of Investments: 9

Exits: 3

Heartbeat Labs's most notable exits include Nebula Genomics, Medlanes, and Farmako.

10. Finparx


Finparx is European FinTech studio in terms of exit proceeds. Three of the four ventures they founded have been sold to leading financial service providers: Payolution was bought by Skrill (now part of Paysafe), PAY.ON has been acquired by ACI Worldwide and Payworks is now part of Visa. They still hold Circula in their portfolio, aTravel Expense Management venture.


Founded: 2004

Top Industries active in: SaaS, Software and Point of Sale.

Number of Investments: 4

Exits: 1

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