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September 30, 2022

Top 10 Gaming VC Investors

Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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The gaming industry is projected to generate over $140+ billion in revenue this year, and that number will continue to grow. That’s why many technology entrepreneurs are taking their talents to the gaming world, creating new games and technologies that can change how we play forever. This list of investors represents some of the top venture capital firms backing the most innovative gaming companies in the world.

NameHQSectorStageTicket SizeFund Size
Makers Fund-GamingSeries A - $30M$700M
VGamesTel Aviv, IsraelGamingPre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Growth$300K - $15M$171M
Play VenturesMidland, Cayman IslandsGaming, Media and EntertainmentPre-Seed, Seed, Series A$500K - $1M$144.9M
dune venturesNew York, United StatesMedia and Entertainment, Gaming, VR/ARPre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B$50K - $3M-
Galaxy InteractiveNew York, United StatesGaming, Media and EntertainmentSeries A$325M$650M
Hiro CapitalLuxembourg, LuxembourgGaming, Esports- - €400M
BITKRAFT VenturesCalifornia, United StatesMedia and Entertainment, Gaming, SportsSeed, Series A, Series B$500K - $10M$2.5M
LumikaiNew Delhi, IndiaGaming, Interactive Media--$500K
London Venture PartnersEngland, United KingdomGamingPre-Seed, Seed - $138M
The Games FundLos Angeles, United StatesGaming--$67M

Top 10 Gaming Venture Capital Firms

1. Makers Fund

Makers Fund-VC-Gaming

Makers Fund is a global interactive entertainment venture capital firm focused on early stage investments. The team supports founders through an extensive network and deep experience in the industry.


Founded: 2017

Total fund size: $700M

Stage: Series A

Sector: Gaming

Ticket Size: - $ 30M

Investment Geography: North America

Makers Fund's most notable exits include Loco, FaceIT, and Parsec.

2. VGames


VGames is the venture fund for game entrepreneurs. Having both worked with some of the youngest and most mature developers, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a great game. We are passionate about games, and about supporting companies as they grow to become global leaders.


Founded: 2020

Total fund size: $171M

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Growth

Sector: Gaming

Ticket Size: $ 300K - $ 15M

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

3. Play Ventures

Play Ventures-VC-Gaming

Play Ventures is a venture funding that invests globally in games and game services startups.


Founded: 2018

Total fund size: $144.9M

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Sector: Gaming, Media and Entertainment

Ticket Size: $ 500K - $ 1M

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

Play Ventures's most notable exits include Savage Game Studios, Reworks, and Dataseat.

4. dune ventures

dune ventures-VC-Gaming

dune ventures: a multi-stage venture firm backing the founders shaping interactive content, social, and technology. We invest globally in a small number of the most ambitious founders in the interactive space each year.


Founded: 2020

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B

Sector: Media and Entertainment, Gaming, VR/AR

Ticket Size: $ 50K - $ 3M

Investment Geography: Agnostic (Global)

5. Galaxy Interactive

Galaxy Interactive-VC-Gaming

Galaxy Interactive is a venture capital firm focused on interactive content and technology companies.


Founded: 2018

Total fund size: $650M

Stage: Series A

Sector: Gaming, Media and Entertainment

Ticket Size: $ 325M

Galaxy Interactive's most notable exits include N3TWORK, RTFKT, and OS Studios.

6. Hiro Capital

Hiro Capital-VC-Gaming

Hiro Capital is a Luxembourg / London technology Venture Capital fund which invests in European and UK innovators in Games, Esports and Digital Sports. Hiro Capital generally invests at the post-seed Series A and B stages. We invest both in front-end Content creators in Games, Esports and Digital Sports and in deep tech sector-specific applications of Cloud, Mobile, Streaming, Big Data, AI, Wearables, AR and VR technologies.


Founded: 2019

Total fund size: €400M

Hiro Capital's most notable exits include Loco and Incredibuild.

7. BITKRAFT Ventures

BITKRAFT Ventures-VC-Gaming

BITKRAFT Ventures was founded in 2015 by german serial entrepreneur, Jens Hilgers. BITKRAFT’s team is located in Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Madrid and Lisbon covering videogames and esports investments not only digitally but in the most relevant and busy metropoles for digital entertainment in the Western world.


Founded: 2015

Total fund size: $2.5M

Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Sector: $ 500K - $ 10M

Ticket Size: Media and Entertainment, Gaming, Sports

Investment Geography: North America

BITKRAFT Ventures's most notable exits include Lofelt, The Action Network, and Esports Business Solution.

8. Lumikai


Lumikai is the first gaming and interactive media venture fund.


Founded: 2019

Total fund size: $500K

9. London Venture Partners

London Venture Partners-VC-Gaming

LVP is a venture capital seed fund with a difference - they're operating experts in the games sector, and they only ever invest in the games ecosystem. That means they bring real experience and deep understanding. They speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges - and they believe in the same vision. They know instinctively where the opportunities lie; where there are strengths to be harnessed and exposures to be covered. In fine-grain, no-hiding, straight-talking detail. They know when to bide time, when to iterate and when to go wide. And how.

They invest in people. That means founders with the potential to build the best in the world; teams with terrific, creative games development skills, or fantastic ideas for revolutionary games technology or services… and a vision that sets them apart.


Founded: 2010

Total fund size: $138M

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed

Sector: Gaming

Ticket Size: Europe, North America

LVP's most notable exits include Unity, Bossa Studios, and Supercell.

10. The Games Fund

The Games Fund-VC-Gaming

TGF is an early-stage VC fund founded by video games industry veterans. We invest in future leaders: game developers, gaming technologies, and services.  We share best practices and offer our experience and personal touch.


Founded: 2020

Total fund size: $67M

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