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October 11, 2022

Top 10 Accelerators in Berlin

Maximilian Fleitmann
CEO of BaseTemplates
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Berlin has an amazing, vibrant startup community. There are many initiatives designed to support entrepreneurs. Berlin is the perfect place for a startup as it combines creative and tech talent and has an international flavour. Here are some of the top 10 accelerators in Berlin:

Top 10 Accelerators in Berlin

1. Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator-Accelerator-Berlin.

Axel Springer Plug and Play is a Berlin-based pre-seed startup accelerator. They do not just invest money. They know that the real value is in the people. The founders, the people in their team but most importantly the people they know. They connect their companies to mentors, clients and investors.

They are a joint venture between the Plug and Play Tech Centre and Axel Springer. They support them in every way possible. It also means they are not bound to one region, one topic, one opinion. They offer a global network and international opportunities.  


Founded: 2013

Top Industries active in: Software, Mobile and E-Commerce.

Number of Investments: 113

Exits: 12

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator's most notable exits include Talentspace, Jobspotting, and Careship.

2. Techstars Berlin Accelerator

Techstars Berlin Accelerator-Accelerator-Berlin.

Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. It is attracting founders from all over Europe who are coming to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent, a supportive community and a great place to live. Investors from all over Europe and the rest of the world are traveling to Berlin to invest here.


Top Industries active in: Software, FinTech and Machine Learning

Number of Investments: 75

Exits: 3

Techstars Berlin Accelerator's most notable exits include Faredirect, Cassiopeia, and GoSave.

3. is a global community and accelerator for entrepreneurs, industry professionals and makers dedicated to the creation of innovative hardware products and companies. is made out of several interconnected components to serve, maintain, and grow their community. The Accelerator, Lab, Meetups, and Online Platform forma multichannel resource to give community members the opportunity to create leading products and companies. They support every stage of hardware development – from ideas, to prototypes, to investments, and beyond.


Founded: 2013

Top Industries active in: Software, Information Technology and Hardware.

Number of Investments: 63

Exits: 3's most notable exits include E.ON, Hoard, and LUUV.

4. METRO Xcel

METRO Xcel-Accelerator-Berlin.

METRO Xcel is a highly selective sales driven program for technology-first startups across the entire value chain of Hospitality and Retail. We invest in companies who are market champions in pioneering new grounds with their unique digital solutions.

Focused on Hospitality Tech, METRO Xcel for Hospitality is for startup solutions that are aimingto digitize the Hospitality industry at each and every touch point. Startups joining the program for Hospitality have restaurants or hotels as customers. The applications for our 2019 are now open.

With a spotlight on Retail Tech, METRO Xcel is looking for startups devising solutions across the entire retail value chain and have exciting and scalable solutions for innovation in the sector. .


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: Software, Hospitality and E-Commerce.

Number of Investments: 62

Exits: 5

METRO Xcel's most notable exits include Journy, KptnCook, and GuestU.

5. The Delta

The Delta-Accelerator-Berlin

The Delta is a Venture Catalyst based in Berlin, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa. We build and invest into new ventures. Our ventures have raised more than $1bn im funding and have a value of more than $3bn.


Founded: 2018

Top Industries active in: Software, FinTech and Financial Services.

Number of Investments: 37

Exits: 1

6. Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme

Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme-Accelerator-Berlin.

ClimAccelerator is a global programme giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyse, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. In a global community of organisers, we run both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs. It goes beyond European borders, building a bridge between our world’s industry experts and systems to break new ground in carbon reduction.


Founded: 2012

Top Industries active in: Software, Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology.

Number of Investments: 35

Exits: 2

Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme's most notable exits include HOPU Smart Cities and Ferntech.

7. Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy-Accelerator-Berlin.

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy is the leading global startup accelerator with a focus on the connected and efficient mobility of people and goods. They provide funding, mentorship, and office space in the heart of Berlin and access to a global network of corporate partners, mentors, and investors, for up to ten selected startupsacross the globe.

For three months, the ten teams chosen to enter the program will work in Berlin’s Rainmaking Loft, a 1,000sqm startup hub. They will collaborate with over 150 corporate partners, mentors, and investors to build world class smart transportation & energy products.

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy is supported by the following major global brands: Airbus, Cisco, HERE, Kuehne + Nagel, Mercedes-Benz, SBB Cargo and VINCI. These partners allow the accelerator to provide expertise, market exposure, and access to a network of company professionals that most early-stage smart transportation & energy startups would not be able to otherwise access.

The accelerator is led by Tanja Kufner. Tanja has over 20 years of experience in the areas of venture capital, management consulting, and telecommunications.


Founded: 2014

Top Industries active in: Software, Transportation and Automotive.

Number of Investments: 35

Exits: 5

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Berlin's most notable exits include Sunrise, Envio Systems, and VIGOUR.

8. leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners

leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners-Accelerator-Berlin.

leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners sources, funds, and drives growth of early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. leAD was founded in 2016 and was inspired by the legend of the sports industry Adi Dassler. Since its inception, leAD has taken on new companies into its business every year. With 30 companies from around the globeunder its portfolio, leAD is constantly empowering founders to create their own legacy. leAD works with groundbreaking solutions across the verticals of fan engagement, connected athletes, and health & well-being and focuses on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training. leAD has three three investment vehicles – Academy, Portfolio, and ADvantage Fund – and commercial partnerships with adidas, Citi Private Bank, Tavistock Group, OurCrowd, and Lake Nona to further support portfolio growth.


Founded: 2016

Top Industries active in: Sports, Fitness and Health Care.

Number of Investments: 34

9. EuropeanPioneers


EuropeanPioneers is a startup accelerator that boosts digital SMEs and web entrepreneurs in the European media and content sector. The company provides public funding as well as an intensive 8-month accelerator programme. European Pioneers was founded by Martin Weber in 2014 and is based in Berlin, Germany.


Founded: 2014

Top Industries active in: Software, Apps and Information Technology.

Number of Investments: 22

10. DB Accelerator

DB Accelerator-Accelerator-Berlin.

DB Accelerator focuses on railway infrastructure and mobility related startups, which introduce new business models or technologies. Opening the world of railway is their goal.


Founded: 2015

Top Industries active in: Software, Apps and Information Technology.

Number of Investments: 9

Exits: 1

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