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April 21, 2020
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What is a Pitch Deck?

Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
A pitch deck is a short presentation, usually created with PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides.

It provides your potential Investor with a quick overview of your business plan using visual components instead of large text sections. - Max from BaseTemplates

What are pitch decks used for?

To visually breakdown a business plan.

Investors do not have much time. Due to this, they can not read every business plan they receive. Instead, they prefer reading pitch decks, that visually break down the key facts of a business plan.

To get the attention of investors.

Investors read hundreds of pitch decks a year. Because of this, it is inevitable for you to create a pitch deck that stands out from the rest to gain the investor's attention. This gained attention can lead to a first face-to-face meeting with a potential investor.

To leave a positive first impression.

We all know that leaving the first impression is important to anybody who wants to convince someone of something new.
A pitch deck is the first object of your business an investor gets to see. It will only take a few seconds until he made his first impression, which will be the base of his decision to work with you or not

To reach out to as many investors as possible.

Most of the people who create pitch decks are entrepreneurs. Due to this, your time to search for an investor is limited.

You have to keep the company running, develop new products, or find new employees. Because of this, you have to create a digital pitch deck you can send to many potential investors simultaneously in a short amount of time.

How to create a pitch deck

Techically, a pitch deck is usually created in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides and delivered in a PDF format or presented infront of potential investors .

When it comes to the point when you have to start creating the pitch deck you should keep these three simple tips in mind.

Keep your deck..

  • visually clear and simple
  • persuasive
  • easy to act on

Pitch deck vs. business plan

Before there was a pitch deck, investors only knew your Startup by your business plan. It provided investors with detailed forecasts, the next steps of your startup launch, and predicted revenue you see for the future.

Shorter than a business plan, a pitch deck delivers only the most essential information about your Startup. It is not a detailed plan of growth but a brief introduction to your business's full potential.

A pitch deck focuses on an idea that could solve a significant problem. It presents the team that will put the plan into action, includes financial forecasts, your business's competitors, and market research.

When you are creating your first pitch deck, it's crucial to understand the difference between planning your business and pitching it. A pitch focuses on the possibilities, a plan on the details. Pitches adapt to changes in the market; plans try to predict those changes.

Your pitch deck is your very first prototype

A pitch deck isn't just for securing funding. Writing your ideas down, defining your business and summarizing all that you want to achieve in less than 20 slides forces you to consider how practical your idea really is. It highlights any initial problems, gives you an opportunity to find solutions, and strengthens your business model. In the early stages of a startup, there is no faster or cheaper way to build your business than a pitch deck.

A pitch deck is more than just a tool to raise money. Instead, you are writing your ideas down, defining your business goals, and summarize your future achievements in less than 20 slides. It is a process that forces you to examine how practical your idea is. It highlights any fundamental problems, allows you to find solutions, and strengthens your business model.

In the first stages of building your Startup, there is a no faster and more affordable way to challenge your business than a pitch deck.


For many startups, the pitch deck is everything, particularly in the pre-seed stage. Working out the details – untangling the great ideas from those that are unrealistic or unnecessary – is the first step to creating a successful business. Fast, cheap and low risk, the prototype pitch deck is critical for transforming a great startup idea into a realistic business model.

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Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO

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