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February 9, 2023
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Top 5 Food & Beverages Pitch Decks

Sina Sadegh
Sina Sadegh
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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A pitch deck is a collection of slides that help you make your pitch, convince people to invest in your company, and get them on board. There are tons of great resources out there for creating outstanding startup pitch decks and we want to highlight the best ones in the Food and Beverage space.

Food & Beverages Pitch Decks

1. 1906

We started 1906 because we believe cannabis is the greatest medicine on earth. Our goal is to make cannabis a trusted, normal part of daily wellness with products that are easy to understand and easy to fit into your life and offer the most healthful format of cannabis available.

1906 is named for the last time cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was enacted the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided cannabis prohibition with devastating consequences. We say it’s high time to make cannabis accessible and understandable for all—for the greater good (and the greater fun).

Amount Raised: $18M

Year: 2019

Stage: Series-A

Website :

2. Copper Cow

Copper Cow Coffee is a coffee company based in Los Angeles. The company has raised a total of $3M in funding over five rounds. Unfortunately, the pitch deck we see here can not be connected to a specific funding round.

Website :

3. Chewse

Chewse plans and delivers family-style office catering from local restaurants. In 2013 Chewse raised $500K in funding with this pitch deck. This was one of the first of 8 funding rounds Chewse raised a total of $33.9M with.

Amount Raised: $500k

Year: 2013

Stage: Seed

Website :

4. Hampton Creek

Currently operating under EAT JUST Inc, Hampton Creek is an American food manufacturing company that produces plant-based meals. The company received $500.000 in seed funding in December 2011 from Khosla Ventures. After relocating to San Francisco in June 2012, the company received another $1.5 million in a Series A round.

On February 17, 2014, the company announced it had raised $23 million series B funding.

Amount Raised: $23M

Stage: Series-B

Website :

5. Doordash Wolt

Wolt is a food delivery company specializing in real-time logistics optimization. The technology company is known for its food delivery platform which enables its users to easily discover and get the food that they want by just selecting a restaurant, placing the order, and hitting send. It has raised $856 million from investors Iconiq Growth, Tiger Global, DST, KKR, Prosus, EQT Growth, and Coatue as well as 83North, Highland Europe, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, EQT Ventures, and Vintage Investment Partners.

Stage: Later Stage

Website :

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Sina Sadegh
Sina Sadegh
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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