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August 28, 2022
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Top 10 Fundraising Websites for Startups

Maximilian Fleitmann
Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Fundraising is hard! So it is always good to have tools and resources to make it easier for yourself.

Some time ago, I created a graphic overview of all tools and services that help you with your fundraising (you can find it at the bottom of the article). Today I decided to pick my top 10 and share them with you.

So let's start.

#1 - OpenVC

Open VC - Venture Capital Database

One of my favorite websites of all time is OpenVC. It’s a free database of over 5000 investors worldwide. You can just type in the stage and sector of your startup (so for example fintech - seed stage) and you’ll get a list of funds that are investing in startups in that space.

After you have filtered the funds that you want to work with you can even do the outreach directly through OpenVC. A must-use for everyone who is building their investors list. 

#2 - DocSend

Send your pitch deck with Docsend

Another amazing tool is DocSend. They were just acquired by Dropbox and you can use their software to send your pitch deck to potential investors in a secure way. The best thing about DocSend is that you can track exactly who is watching your deck and how long they spend on every single slide. With this information you can improve your deck over time.

#3 - BaseTemplates

Pitch Deck & Fundraising Templates

Obviously, I have to mention BaseTemplates. Little Disclaimer. This is my own company. But I still believe it is one of the best websites for fundraising on the web.

We have three main areas.

First one - is fundraising templates.

We developed templates for everything you need in your fundraise. From your pitch deck to your financial model or investor CRM.

Second up are our services.

We are offering custom pitch deck design and financial modelling. Especially interesting for every startup that wants to go the extra step.

Last but not least education.

This is the area I am most proud of. We created a ton of free content and tools that help you learn fundraising. And I deeply believe you can learn it. These are our main ones:

#4 - Vauban

Set up your SPV with Vauban

VAUBAN is an online platform that makes it easy for you to raise capital from your network and to invest in private companies. Although it is mainly a solution tailored for investors I wanted to mention it here because you can also use it to create a Founder Roll up Vehicle. It’s an entity you can use to bundle a bunch of small check investors into a single line on the captable.

Really love the solution because it is easy, cheap and makes it possible to bring many different investors (and thus a lot of power) on board.

#5 -PitchDeckHunt

200+ real pitch deck examples

Another side that will help you in your fundraise is PitchDeckHunt. It’s a collection of over 200 real pitch deck examples. Everything from Spotify to Uber and Airbnb.

You can really take a lot of these decks as an inspiration for the creation of your own deck.

#6 - Landscape

Share your investor experience

I asked myself so often why there isn’t some kind of investor rating or reviews. Because in the end I will be married to the investors I take on board for over 7 or 8 years. And I want to make sure I take the right ones. 

Luckily Landscape was created and now you can read reviews on investors that other founders were giving. 

#7 - Attio

Investor CRM

If you are running a structured fundraising process, you need a proper CRM to track all the interactions with potential investors. Attio is one of the best softwares for that. You can create new investors in seconds, collaborate on your pipeline and safe all informations you need. From Files to notes to emails.

Do you prefer to work in Notion instead of a seperate tool? No problem. We got you covered with our Notion Investor CRM.

#8 - Carta

Captable Mgmt.

With Carta, you can easily manage your cap table. Always have an overview of who owns which percentage of the company, issue securities and do some scenario modelling.

#9 - Crunchbase


Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies. In your fundraising process, you can use it to research potential investors or get a sense on the right valuation for your company.

#10 - Founder Resources

Free Resources for Founders

Last but not least one of our very own websites. Founder Resources is the place to go to for curated resources & templates on every startup-related topic. We also have a dedicated section around fundraising in which you will find tens of amazing templates and resources.

I hope you like this article. If you want to see more tools / resources that help you with your fundraise make sure to check out our Fundraising Market Map. It's a graphic overview of almost every company that helps you raise money for your startup.

Fundraising Market Map

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Maximilian Fleitmann
Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Maximilian Fleitmann is a passionate founder and entrepreneur. For the last 12+ years he has successfully launched several businesses in the areas of education and digitalization. Max purpose is to enable growth and therefore he shares his experience in building startups.

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