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May 19, 2021
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How to Create an Adtech Pitch Deck

Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
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AdTech stands for advertising technology and refers to different types of analytics- and digital tools that are related to advertising. AdTech is all about complex systems that help companies to run the best fitting advertisements for their customers.

If you want to create an adtech pitch deck there are a couple of things worth considering.

‚ÄćWhich slides to include in an AdTech pitch deck?

AdTech Pitch Decks should consist of the following 10 slides. Many AdTech entrepreneurs are mostly focused on the technical side of their startup, however, investors want to get to know your background, the team and the business model as well. In order for your to not focus on the technical stuff, you should include the following slides in your AdTech pitch deck.

Set of AdTech Pitch Deck Slides


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Title Slide

A title slide has to be held simple. It should include your Logo, a nice and bold claim and you startups' name. Thats it!

Problem Slide

The problem slide is the place to start dragging your potential investors into your universe. Describe the problem you address with your AdTech startup in a way, that your investor can relate to the problem and therefore identify with the customer who wants this problem to be solved. Make sure to keep the wording as condense as possible: a problem that needs to be explained with many words is probably a problem that does not address many people.

Solution & Product Slide

Now that everbody knows the problem you want to adress it is time to present the solution you came up with. The solution is simoultaneously the product you are going to build. Impress your investors with mockups of your adtech product. You can show screenshots of your product or play a little video that explains how your product worls.

‚ÄćMarket Slide & Competiton

You can expect that your investors have a clue of the market you stepping in. On this slide you have to present them your knowledge about how the market looks like and who your competitors are. Otherwise, this will signal that you have no clue about what you are really doing. Give them the feeling that you are competent enough to run the business and be successful.

Traction / Metric Slide

As an AdTech startup you can precisely track your customers behavior and therefore can present some interesting traction numbers that signal your investors that you have a growing number of users and positive user signals. Do not forget to include your social media follower statistics on this slide, which are of growing interest for investors.


The team is the most relevant factor for every investor. Use the slide to show your amazing team. All key members of your team need to be on this slide. Give additional information about why each team member is a vital part on your way to success. If you have too many team members, make sure to not name more than the five most important team members. Otherwise there will be too many information on your team slide.


Software development is expensive, marketing is expensive, developers are expensive - and your investors know that. Therefore, ask for enough money to get your startup up running and present the way in which you will spent the money.


The final slide of your AdTech pitch deck should include a direct call to action and several contact options that lead investor to take action right away.

Key questions to answer with your AdTech pitch deck

Make sure to answer the following question with your AdTech pitch deck.

  1. What is your product and how does it solve the a big problem?
  2. How do you acquire customers for your AdTech?
  3. What is your pricing and business model?
  4. Why are you the right person/team to tackle the problem you have discovered?
  5. Which are your main KPIs?
  6. How big is your churn?
  7. What is the USP of your AdTech?
  8. Why are you looking for an investment?
  9. How will the funds be spent?

AdTech Metrics

  • Monthly active users
  • Avg. Time Spent on Website
  • CTR of newsletter/email ads
  • Conversion Rate
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Lead to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Churn Rate

Design Tips

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple


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Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Writer, content producer and SEO Julian Droste is the author and father of our entrepreneur-helping blog and website. Since the beginning of 2015, Julian has created over 400+ articles about a wide range of topics e.g., math, biology, chemistry, history, engineering, and many more.

His passion for entrepreneurship, presentations, and speeches led him to basetemplates where he can share his experience in building a startup with future entrepreneurs.

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