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May 25, 2021
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How to Create a Travel Startup Pitch Deck

Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
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The travel industry had to slow down heavily during 2020/21. However, entrepreneurs did not stop to found startups in this field of business since everybody knows that at some point traveling will a part of our life again.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for an investment right now need to put some extra effort in the creation of their travel pitch deck and put certain slides into focus.

On this website you will find our which slides you should include in your travel pitch deck, which mistakes you really need to avoid and you will also find a good amount of travel pitch deck examples from startups who habe successfully raised money.

Which slides to include in a Travel Pitch Deck?

Set of Travel Pitch Deck Slides
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Travel Startups often have the opportunity to catch their customers attention with high class photos and travel pictures. These are also perfect for placing them on your title slide to start your pitch deck and set the mood for the upcoming slides. Make sure to also include your startups' name, logo and a catchy phrase!


Almost every person travels. And almost every person encounters a problem while travelling once in a while. I guess your idea for your statups comes from the same background. The problem you encountered and made you come up with your idea should be presented on the problem slide. You goal with this slide is to get your investors attention and to force a "oh yeah, I can understand why he came up with the idea" reaction after seeing this slide. If possible, state the problem you encountered within a maximum of two sentences. This will make sure, that not just your potential investors will immediatly understand what the problem is, but it will also signal that it will be easy for your future customers to identify with the problem and understand your product.


The solution slide needs your full attention. On this slide you will present the solution to the problem you have just explained on the last slide. If you have a product, online business or whatever it is, make sure to present it in the best possible way giving at least three main characteristics of the product as an argument why your solution is the best solution out there. If possible, include a picture or screenshot of your solution!


As everybody can imagine the travel market is simply huge. Break the market down into small pieces until there is only your niche-market left. Your investors should look at this slide and think: "oh wow, there is a lot of money to earn in this market". We always recommend to visually breakdown the market using a fitting graph.


Many businesses had to put their work down after 2020 and during 2021. Many travel startups couldn't make it through the pandemic, which could be a great opportunity for new startups. You now hane the opportunity to present your potential investors that you know the market and your compeititors. However, the most important part of this slide should be your arguments why your startups is ahead of them. As on the last slide, we recommend using a fitting graph to show how you position your startup compared to your competitors.


The traction you have gained is a testimony of how interested people are in your product. The best traction slides we have seen so far include: partner companies, social media likes and interaction rate, active users, leads and the revenue you earned up to this point.


The team is, besides your startups' financials, the most relevant factor for almost every investor to make a decision to whether invest in your idea or not. Use the team slide to show your amazing team that is building the product togehter with you. Make sure to list the key members with at least two facts about them that testify they are the right people to make this startup become successful.


Your potential investors now know with which solution you came up to solve the problem you discovered. It is now time to present your investor how you are planning, or how you already-, generate revenue. You have to put a lot of effort into this slide, since your numbers need to be reliable. You can be sure that your potential investors will ask you a couple of questions about this slide and not being well prepared is no option.

The Ask

This is the time to reveal how much money you are looking for. Building a travel startup can be quiet expensive, so do not hold back asking for a larger amount of funds - you can be certain that your potential investors know that it takes a lot of money to build your product.


The final slide of your pitch deck should include a direct call to action and several contact options that lead investors to take action right away.


Key Questions to answer

It is important to know which questions you should answer with your travel pitch deck. We have analyzed 15+ Travel pitch decks and extracted the key takeaways of these decks and rephrased them as questions.

  1. What is the reason that justifies building your service/product?
  2. Which are your main KPIs?
  3. Why are you looking for an investment?
  4. How can the investors help besides giving money?
  5. How do you acquire customers for your product?
  6. What is your pricing and business model?
  7. What is your traction?
  8. How big is your churn?
  9. What is the USP of your travel product?
  10. How will the funds be spent?
  11. What are you going to accomplish with the investment?

Travel startup metrics

  • Customer Acquisition Rate
  • Leads in Pipeline
  • Avg. Time Spent on Website
  • CTR of newsletter/email ads
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Lead to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Churn rate

Design Tips

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple

Example Travel Pitch Decks


Airbnb is one of the world's largest marketplaces for listing and finding accommodations of local hosts all around the world. It is estimated to be worth about $38 billion.

With the help of this pitch deck Airbnb was able to raise $600K in funding in 2008.

Airbnb has raised a total of $5.4B in funding over 16 rounds.

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Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Writer, content producer and SEO Julian Droste is the author and father of our entrepreneur-helping blog and website. Since the beginning of 2015, Julian has created over 400+ articles about a wide range of topics e.g., math, biology, chemistry, history, engineering, and many more.

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