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May 25, 2021
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How to Create a PropTech Pitch Deck

Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
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The growing Proptech  industry is one of the best examples of how digitalization changes the direction of where an industry is heading.

The real estate industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented disruption with more and more proptech startups being founded by technofile entrepreneurs. Due to this, a growing number of investors and proptech startups are looking for investmens.

If you are currently creating a proptech pitch deck you have come to the right spot. We show you which slides you should include in your pitch deck, which mistakes you should avoid and how successful proptech startups have built their pitch decks.

Which slides to include in a PropTech Pitch Deck?

Set of PropTech Pitch Deck Slides
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The title slide of your proptech pitch deck usually consists of a picture or a photo that is related to your startup or your product and it also include your startups' name and a claim. The claim should be phrased in a way that it evokes the interest of your audience to really listen to what you have to present with this pitch deck.


This is the slide you should use to present the problem you discovered and now want to solve with your startup and product. If there is a story to how you have discovered the problem thta you are trying to solve I recommend telling it. This is called storytelling which drags your investors into your pitch deck. Make sure to tell the story in a way that your potential investors can identify with you or whoever discovered the problem. Use phrases like "as you already know, it is way to complicated to..." . Use this slide to prepare your audience for the big bang: your solution to the problem.


Now it is time to let the cat out of the bag: present the solution to the problem that you described on the last page. Name the key facts of your product and if possible present a screenshot (if its a service or a software) that introduces your audience to the solution. Name at least 4 key facts that make your product unique.

‍Business Model

Your potential investors now know with which solution you came up to solve the problem you discovered. It is now time to present your investor how you are planning, or how you already-, generate revenue. Whether you have a subscription model or a one time purchase you should present all options your customers can choose from on this slide.


The traction you have gained is a testimony of how interested people are in your product. The best traction slides we have seen so far include: partner companies, social media likes and interaction rate, active users, leads and the revenue you earned up to this point.


The team is besides your numbers the most relevant factor for almost every investor. Use the team slide to show your amazing team that is building the product togehter with you. Make sure to list the key members with at least two facts about them that testify they are the right people to make this startup become successful.


Even the best PropTech product is worth nothing if there is no market you can sell it on. That is the reason why this slide is so important to your investors- to understand how much you can scale with your product and if its worth investing in your idea. Besides that, presenting your potential investors all information about your target market will signal them that you have done your homework and exactly know who your customers are.


The PropTech market is hot right now. Many startups are on the rise and try to gain their spot in the industry. On this slide, you need to show your potential investors who these startups are and what your advantages over your competitors are. The best competition slides showcase the competitors with a graph like shown above!

The Ask

This is the time to reveal how much money you are looking for. Building a digital PropTech startup can be quietexpensive, so do not hold back asking for a larger amount of funds - you can be certain that your potential investors know that it takes a lot of money to build your product.


The final slide of your pitch deck should include a direct call to action and several contact options that lead investors to take action right away.


Key Questions to answer

It is important to know which questions you should answer with your proptech pitch deck. We have analyzed 15+ PropTech pitch decks and extracted the key takeaways of these decks and rephrased them as questions.

  1. What is the reason that justifies building your service/product?
  2. Which are your main KPIs?
  3. Why are you looking for an investment?
  4. How can the investors help besides giving money?
  5. How do you acquire customers for your product?
  6. What is your pricing and business model?
  7. What is your traction?
  8. How big is your churn?
  9. What is the USP of your proptech product?
  10. How will the funds be spent?
  11. What are you going to accomplish with the investment?

PropTech startup metrics

  • Monthly active users
  • Avg. Time Spent on Website
  • CTR of newsletter/email ads
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Lead to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Churn rate

Design Tips

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple

Example PropTech Pitch Decks


WeWork is an expert in building and designing shared workspaces for entrepreneurs and companies.

It is unbelievable, but WeWork raised a stunning amount of $335M in funding with this pitch deck.

Up to this date, WeWork has raised more than $19.5B in funding, with Goldman Sachs and Softbank as recent lead investors.



Castle was a property management company from Detroit. You can read the story about why castel had to close its doors here.

However, Castle was able to raise $270k in funding with this pitch deck.

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Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Writer, content producer and SEO Julian Droste is the author and father of our entrepreneur-helping blog and website. Since the beginning of 2015, Julian has created over 400+ articles about a wide range of topics e.g., math, biology, chemistry, history, engineering, and many more.

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