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May 25, 2021
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How to Create a Healthcare Pitch Deck

Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
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The Healthcare sector is growing rapidly as 2021 demanded new solutions of how people can be treated or diagnosed in different ways than we were used to. Therefore, more and more startups rise in this field of business and as a consequence, the demand for healthcare pitch decks rises as well.

With this how-to website, we want to show you where you have to put the focus on in your healthcare pitch deck. As you can imagine certain slides are more important than others when it comes to looking for investor money in this business field.

Which slides to include in a healthcare pitch deck?

Set of Healthcare Pitch Deck Slides
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Title Slide

This slide is the first slide your potential investors will see of your pitch deck. Make sure to include your brand name, logo, and a catchphrase that introduces your potential investors to your startup.

Problem Slide

Before presenting your product you need to present the problem you encountered. This is one of the most important slides since it allows your potential investors to understand why you have founded the startup: you encountered a problem and now you want to build the solution to it. Make sure to keep the description of the problem as concise as possible, this will allow everybody to understand what problem you have encountered.

Solution Slide:

After everybody has understood what problem you are going to solve, it is time to explain how you are going to solve the problem. This solution needs to be described as simple and short as possible. If you can phrase the solution within one sentence, your investors are more likely to instantly understand what your solution is and as a consequence, they will conclude that your future customers will instantly understand the solution as well.

‍Traction / Metric Slide:

No matter if your solution is an app, service, or any other kind of product, there are people out there who already know that your startup and your product exist. Now it is time to present the number of how many people already know you or already use your product. Showing off your traction will signal your investors how quickly you can access the market. Make sure to include all different kinds of traction KPIs, such as Instagram followers, likes, and interaction rates. 

Milestones Slide

When you are an early-stage startup, investors want to know in which direction you are heading. Therefore, you need to outline your mid-term and long-term milestones. Use this slide to show your investors where you are heading at. Make sure to set reachable milestones, but also give your investors the feeling that you are trying to achieve something greater!

‍Business Model Slide:

On this slide, you have to present to your potential investors how you will generate revenue with your product. You have to put a little more effort into this slide since it foreshadows how many paying users you need to be of interest to investors.

CAC Slide:

Finding customers that will pay for your service or product will cost you a certain amount of money. On this slide, you present your investor a plan about how you will acquire paying customers.


The team is the most relevant factor for every investor. Use the slide to show your amazing social network team. You can do that by showing the previous experience of your key team members and any critical skills that are essential to the business.


Building a healthcare product will cost a lot of money. You know that, and your investors know that. Do not hold back with how much funds you need to build a successful social network. Explain how you will spend the funds and how these actions will help you to reach your goals.


The final slide of your pitch deck should include a direct call to action and several contact options so that the investor can take action right away.


Key Questions to answer

It is important to know which questions you should answer with your healthcare pitch deck. We have analyzed 20+ healthcare pitch decks and extracted the key takeaways of these decks and rephrased them as questions.

  1. What is the reason that justifies building your healthcare product?
  2. How do you acquire users for your service?
  3. What is your pricing and business model?
  4. What is your traction?
  5. Which are your main KPIs?
  6. How big is your churn?
  7. What is the USP of your healthcare product?
  8. Why are you looking for an investment?
  9. How will the funds be spent?
  10. What are you going to accomplish with the investment?

Healthcare metrics

  • CAC
  • Number of Customers
  • Freemium users
  • Churn
  • MRR / ARR
  • Customer Retention Rate

Design Tips

  • Use a clear and quickly readable font style
  • Make sure to use high-resolution pictures
  • Keep the design simple

Example Healthcare Pitch Decks:


Sickweather is a hyperlocal illness data platform.

In 2017 Sickweather has raised $525K in funding with this pitch deck.

Sickwaether has raised a total of $2.6M in total over eight rounds.


Oscar is a health insurance company that employs technology, design, and data to humanize health care.

In 2014 Oscar had two funding rounds to which this pitch deck could belong to. It is unknown to us if it was the Series-A or Series-B round this pitch deck was made for.

However, Oscar was able to raise $110M in funding in 2014 and this pitch deck helped Oscar raise this funding.


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Julian Droste
Julian Droste
Founder, Digital Marketer & SEO
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Writer, content producer and SEO Julian Droste is the author and father of our entrepreneur-helping blog and website. Since the beginning of 2015, Julian has created over 400+ articles about a wide range of topics e.g., math, biology, chemistry, history, engineering, and many more.

His passion for entrepreneurship, presentations, and speeches led him to basetemplates where he can share his experience in building a startup with future entrepreneurs.

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