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November 29, 2023
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20+ Best Notion Startup Templates in 2024

Maximilian Fleitmann
Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
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Building a startup is difficult and takes a lot of time and skills. I always try to find tools and resources to make my life easier on the way. Because I believe that you can always learn from the experiences of other founders and you can often reuse the templates they created in hours and hours of work. 

No need to reinvent the wheel every single time.

That’s why I created this list of my 20 favorite Notion Templates for Startup Founders. Some of them are free, and some are paid. But all of them will save you a ton of time and money. 

But why Notion?

It’s one of my favorite tools because it gives you much flexibility on the stuff you can build. No matter if it is an investor CRM or a company operating system. Furthermore, you can easily collaborate with your other team members.

1 - Notion Fundraising Template ($29)

Notion Fundraising Template

Of course we are starting this list with our very own fundraising template. Getting an investment for your startup is hard! But you can make it so much easier when using a proven process and templates that already worked.

For some of our own fundraises we built ourselves a little tool in Notion and you can use it now too. 

It’s a package filled with these elements: 

  • 📖 Fundraising Guide
  • 💸 Investor CRM
  • 📑 Due Diligence Checklist
  • 📬 Investor E-Mail Templates
  • 📣 Pitch Deck Feedback Template
  • ❓ FAQ Template
  • 🦄 Pitch Deck Builder
  • 😇 Investor Lists
  • 🚦 Investor Update Template
  • 📃 Investment Memo Template
  • 📦 Resources List
  • ✅ Fundraising Check List

You can simply duplicate it to your own Notion space and start with the fundraising right away. 

2 - Notion Startup Template Bundle ($99)

Notion Startup Template Bundle

This is another template from our team.

Imagine there would be a template for everything you need in your startup journey. Over the last 10 years, we have launched and scaled tens of businesses ourselves and built exactly that. The result is over 50+ templates that are based on the best practices of the most successful founders.

There are templates for all of the areas below.

  • 💡 Idea & Validation
  • ⛰️ Strategy
  • ⚙️ Operations
  • 💸 Fundraising & Investors
  • 📣 Marketing & Sales
  • 📦 Product
  • 💻 Tech
  • 🔢 Finance
  • ☎️ Customer Experience
  • 📊 Data & Analytics
  • 🤝 HR
  • 😋 Other

So if you want to launch and scale your startup more quickly make sure to take a look at this template.

3 - Idea to MVP Notion Template (Free)

Idea to MVP Notion TemplateT

This is a simple but great template that helps you research and validate the ideas you are having in your entrepreneurial journey. 

4 - Simple PRD Notion Template - Product Requirement Doc (Free)

Notion PRD Product Requirement Doc Template

If you are working as a product manager you know how important a good PRD document is. This template contains a basic structure of a product requirement document that you can easily duplicate and use.

5 - Weekly Level 10 Meeting Template in Notion - (Free)

Notion Weekly Meeting Template

A Level 10 meeting is a weekly collaborative executive meeting with the same agenda every week. At the end of each session, the participants quickly rate the meeting on a scale of 1 to 10. This template gives you a best practice structure for your very own Level 10 meetings.

6 - Notion Entrepreneur Kit ($55)

Notion Entrepreneur Kit

You want to start your entrepreneurial journey but you don’t know how? Then this Notion Entrepreneur Kit is the right thing for you. Inside you will find a bunch of different tools and resources from successful entrepreneurs that guide you through the whole process.

7 - Notion OKR Suite ($5)

Notion OKR Suite

Notion OKR Suite is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan and execute work at your startup using Notion.

It’s full of 20 templates that are all related to goal setting and execution. 

8- Lean Startup OS ($50)

Lean Startup OS Notion

The Notion Lean Startup OS is for Indie Hackers, Makers and entrepreneurs that are looking to build and ship products. You can use it to validate your startup idea and deliver it on time before finally launching it.

It’s almost like a operating system to structure, store and organise all of your business goals and tasks.

9 - Vision & Mission Notion Template (Free)

Vision Mission Template Notion

Having a proper vision and mission for your startup is very important, because it helps you decide which things to do and which things to let be.

This is a simple but effective template to create your very own company mission & vision. 

10 - Buffer OKR Notion Template (Free)

Notion OKR Template

This is the exact template social media scheduling company Buffer uses for their OKRs. It’s incredibly useful as they are experts of aligning people in 16 time zones around their company goals.

So you should also consider a look inside.

11 - Daily Stand Up (Free)

Daily Standup Template Notion

This a free template you can use for your Daily Team Standup. Nothing special but still effective.

12 - Notion Branding Framework by Netflix (Free)

Notion Branding Template

This is a very exciting template that was created by former Netflix VP of Product Manamgent Gibson Biddle. The tree simple steps in the template help you to define your brand.

13 - Startup Launch Template ($49)

Startup Launch Template for Notion


A lot of startup founders are struggling to find their first users after they have created their product. This Notion dashboard helps founders to setup thei launch strategy and leverage existing communities to get early users. It’s filled with over 70+ tools, strategies and resources that help you with every step of the way. 

14 - Startup Growth Kit ($79)

Startup Growth Kit Notion

The Startup Growth Kit is a collection of docs and templates that help you grow your startup. Just duplicate the Notion file and post your startup to hundres of place like Twitter, ProductHunt and Reddit. And the simple and ready-to-use templates show you exactly how to do it. 

15 - Remote OS ($69)

Remote OS Template for Notion

Running a remote first company is hard. With this Notion File you get the most important templates to run your company.

As a bonus it also comes with a extensive onboarding video.

16 - Lean Canvas Template (Free)

Lean Canvas Template Notion

Over the last 10 years the Lean Canvas has almost fully replaced lengthy business plans. You can use this template to easily create your own Lean Canvas for your startup right in Notion. 

17 - Notion ProductHunt Launch Kit ($49)

Notion ProductHunt Launch Kit

ProductHunt is one of the premier places on the Internet to launch your startup. You don’t want to fail your launch there. This Notion template comes with best Product Hunt practices, actual tips, and customizable templates. Save time researching all of this and launch your product successfully.

18 - Mental Models ($29)

Notion Mental Models

This is a unique collection of mental models made in Notion. You can easily apply them to your daily life.

19 - Notion Hiring OS ($80)

Notion Hiring OS

The idea behind the Notion Hiring OS is to replace your expensive Applicant Tracking Systems and you use your favorite tool Notion instead. It’s very simple to setup and use.

Bonus: You can easily use the Save to Notion Plugin to save promising candidates you come across on LinkedIn.

The template comes with a job board for candidates, an application board, a interview question library and a database of over 750 job descriptions. 

20 - Side Project OS ($40)

Notion Side Project OS

You are an Indiehacker, maker or entrepreneur that loves to ship products? This Sideproject Notion Template helps you create an operating system to structure, store and organise all of your ideas, taks and conversations in one place, so you can focus on building instead of planning. 

I hope you liked this collection of templates for founders. Obviously, you always have to decide which features are helpful for your company and stage but what I like about templates is that they give you guidance on what worked best for other companies.

Do you think a great Notion template for startups is missing here? Leave us an email at [email protected]

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Maximilian Fleitmann
Maximilian Fleitmann
Co-Founder @ BaseTemplates
Author Twitter LinkAuthor LinkedIN

Maximilian Fleitmann is a passionate founder and entrepreneur. For the last 12+ years he has successfully launched several businesses in the areas of education and digitalization. Max purpose is to enable growth and therefore he shares his experience in building startups.

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