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Pitch Deck Template
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Pitch Deck Template

Create a pitch deck that gets you funded. Easy editable in Powerpoint / Keynote or Google Slides!
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Notion Fundraising Template
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Notion Fundraising Template

Everything you need to successfully raise funds for your startup.
Financial Model Template
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Financial Model Template

Create a beautiful & functional financial plan. Our .xls template guides you through the whole process.
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Figma Pitch Deck Template
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Figma Pitch Deck Template

Over 100 slides and components ready to be edited in Figma.
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How to fundraise and build your pitch deck course

How to fundraise and build your pitch deck [Online-Course]

Learn how to build a compelling pitch deck and raise money for your startup. All best practices and lesson in one single course.
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Startup Fundraising Bundle [All Templates + Online Course]

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But what do others think?

Tristan Niewöhner
Founder @ Persomatch

When it comes to startup fundraising Max is the go-to guy. He has a deep understanding of both the investor and the operator sides and helped us design a great pitch deck. And with that we found the right investor for our business.

Dan Siepen
Founder of It's Fun Doing Marketing

Max is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the VC landscape and fundraising. He's helped with some awesome advice around pitch deck creation, as well as information about Europe VC. In addition, his content is exceptional. I'm excited to be part of this course.

Raffaele Vitale
Notion Lead for Italy

Great idea and concept for early stage startups!!!

Stephane Nassér
Founder @ OpenVC

Really love the product! I tested a lot of different financial models and this one is very good. BaseTemplates built something simple but yet powerful enough.

Raule Napier
Founder @ Maison Napier

From the Notion Fundraising Toolbox to the Pitch Deck Review I was thoroughly impressed with Base Templates. I would recommend Base Templates to any founder within any industry because their products can be molded to your needs.

Sarah Allali
Co-founder & CEO at Moone

Super clean template! Everything is clear and well-organized.

Colin Ma

The SaaS financial model was really easy to use and straight forward! Totally recommend it!

Alex Ivanov
CEO @ Collectbase

BaseTemplates help us get our pitch deck together very fast, structure it in a proper way and start fundraising shortly after. Definitely a super helpful resource!

Zac Hana
Co-Founder @ Biteworld

If you're worried about your pitch deck, then I would massively recommend BaseTemplates to go over your pitch deck. I was taken through every slide and recommended what to do with each slide, whether to amend, add, or completely get rid of. My pitch deck is far more streamlined, clear, and [...].

Wes Wynens
Leadership and Teams @ GATECH

The team is beyond helpful, and the quality of the product is exemplary. Our innovation teams took the lessons they learned from exploring the free resources on the site and then used the pitch deck to make a great impression on the judges in their competition. I would give it six stars if I could!

Florent Barroero
Founder & CEO @ Wavenn

Outstanding Experience. The Basetemplate Team just helped my craft my pitch deck in less than a day. Massive Thanks 😁


This is doooooope!!! Well done!!


@MaxFleit this guy rocks. They provide a pitch deck service.

Andrey Glaschenko

Tried @BaseTemplates - A really good starting point for a pitch deck. Saved me many hours.

Alex Azzi

Fundraising hack: @BaseTemplates - https://basetemplates.com - especially recommend the Notion toolkit it’s sick 👊

by MaxFleit