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Our Story so far....

We don't like ugly presentations!investor for teh first time

Raising money for your startup is hard. It always was and will be.

And I realized that some years ago with my first startup.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when I had my first investors meeting. I had just graduated from university, and I had no clue how to persuade investors or raise money. All I knew was, that I needed to prepare a pitch deck.

But I didn’t know what that was. So I ended up creating a simple and boring presentation of numbers and assumptions. Going into the meeting, I was excited and nervous.

Getting funded would enable me to build a company and live my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

But as you might guess, it did not work out like that. The investor asked many questions about my pitch deck and business model, for which I had no answers. 

Not surprisingly, I didn't get the investment and had to start over again.

Why we became presentation designers!
Why we love templates!

Till now, a lot has changed.

I raised millions of dollars for the company later on and at some point really fell in love with fundraising and the investor<>founder relationship.

So I decided to become an investor myself. I have seen thousands of pitch decks and have invested in over 15 companies all over the world both as a angel and VC.

And at some point in this journey I decided to create BaseTemplates as a way to share all the mistakes that I made and build products & services that have helped thousands of founders raise tens of millions.

- Maximilian Fleitmann

What we are proud of

BaseTemplates ReviewsBaseTemplates Reviews

We are standing up every day to make the life of fellow founders easier.

That's why it makes us so happy to see all the positive reviews we get.

Investor Pitch Training - Practice your pitch with 200+ real investor questions | Product Hunt

We are very active in the ProductHunt community and the BaseTemplates products have been awarded several times with Product of the Day, Week or even the Golden Kitty badge.


Thats the amount of founders we have helped over the last years.

A number that we could have never imagined and makes us very proud.

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