250+ Curated Optimisation Tactics

E-commerce Optimisation Checklist

Curated tips from the top performing e-commerce stores to increase your conversion rates and revenue.

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Why we have built the eCommerce Checklist

Building an eCommerce business is tough. We have been in your shoes several times and learned all the hard lessons ourselves.

But there are tons of best practices, templates and strategies that are already tested by the best stores out there - and you can use them to make your life easier.

We curated over 280+ of the best strategies in one simple checklist so that you can save a lot of time and can get started with your optimisation right away.


Optimise your eCommerce store today

Investor CRM Notion Template

280+ Optimisation Ideas

In a world where advice is a dime a dozen, we break through the noise with concise and impactful ideas on how to optimise your store.

No fluff, no lengthy explanations.

Just bite-sized nuggets of wisdom.

Actionable advice that gets straight to the point.

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Get started in minutes and track your progress

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the best?

Uncover closely guarded tactics from industry leaders and dive deep into their proven strategies for eCommerce success.

Filter all strategies by area, value for time and keep track of your progress.

Notion Pitch Deck Template Builder


Here to optimise every inch of your store

🌎 General
🗃️ Website
🙏 Thank you Page
🛒 Cart Page
✅ Category Page
💳 Checkout
🛬 Landing Page
💄 Product Page
🚄 Getting Traffic


Use the list for...

Understanding and finding investors

More Traffic

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Preparing your fundraising materials

Higher Conversion

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Building a compelling pitch deck

More revenue

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Running a structured and successful process

Get Inspiration

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These tips are pure gold! We are using the BaseTemplates eCommerce checklist to improve the conversion rates & sales of all our DTC stores. Worth every penny.



Start to optimise your store today

eCommerce checklist

285+ Optimisation Ideas

Filter by Area & Value-for-Time

200 eCommerce Store Inspirations

Payment Icons
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20 Example Tactics


Let's answer some questions

Do you have questions about our E-Commerce Optimisation Checklist. We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I buy the eCommerce checklist?

It's simple. Our eCommerce checklist gives you over 280 tactics of the best eCommerce stores. So instead of spending hours of researching what you can optimise in your store you can jump straight to work and see the results in no time.

This will give you a higher conversion rate, more customers and more revenue.

What is included in the checklist?

After you purchased the checklist you will get access to a Notion file with all the tactics. They are separated by category and include a description plus real life examples so that you know exactly what to do?

Who is the checklist for?

No matter if you are a shop owner, an agency or a marketer. If you are working in the eCommerce you can use this list as a great way of optimising your stores.

Why should I pay for this if so many lists are publicly available on the web?

We are the biggest fans of free resources and there is a lot of value in them. Nevertheless it takes a ton of time to find good ones and most of them are quite basic without any details and examples on the specific tactics.

With our list you save time & money and you can get started today.

In which form will I get the list?

After your purchase you will get access to our Notion file.

Why Notion?

It's one of our favorite tools and you can easily duplicate the list to your own space. The biggest advantages are that you can easily customise it, invite your team members and filter all of the tactics by category, impact and value rating.

I have another question?

Do you have another question or are not sure whether the template is right for yourself? Just leave us a mail at hi@basetemplates.com and we will help out!

by MaxFleit